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The eBaTT Formula

Eli Baraty Academy of Table Tennis

We have developed The eBaTT Formula – proven holistic table tennis coaching methods and programmes for you to successfully improve and perfect your table tennis game. You can work with Eli Baraty and his team to develop your game regardless of age, level or ability. 

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Table Tennis Footwork – The eBaTT Formula

Many take footwork in table tennis for granted. Below you will see how important footwork truly is in table tennis and to be at the top of the game you must possess sublime footwork. By watching the best table tennis player you will notice the speed and efficiency of movement while playing each stroke with energy.

The Chinese focus on table tennis footwork first and then they follow up with stroke play. Table tennis has become the fastest game on the planet and if you lack athleticism, then regardless of your stroke play, your game will be limited; lack of speed, potential spin, unable to reach certain balls and reduced power.

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Footwork Resources:


Some Recommended Tools: Coming SOON…



Footwork | Table Tennis Serve | Return of Serve | Technique | Tactics | Speed, Spin, Power

Table Tennis Serve

Everyone knows the importance of service in table tennis but due to complexity, few are truly masters of the no.1 weapon. The table tennis serve is the only time in the point where you have full control over the ball; placement, spin and speed. I am very well known for having special serves and it’s my no.1 weapon which enabled me to become a top national player five times faster than the most players and you can do the same! There are 4 key elements that make good serve and countless micro skills required in having a high performance serve. Read my blog on Table Tennis Serve

Service Videos:

Some Recommended Tools: Table Tennis Ball SPIN Tool – Great gadget for spin development – Highly recommend  the ebatt formula

Footwork | Table Tennis Serve | Return of Serve | Technique | Tactics | Speed, Spin, Power

Table Tennis Return of Serve

Equally important as the server but without full control over the ball. There is four main return of serve shots and countless variations inside those strokes. To master returning serve you must be able to; read the amount of spin, what spin is on the ball, and adjust to the speed of an oncoming serve. Furthermore, once you have read the elements its a matter of split-second decision making and implementing the correct stroke. A weak execution can incur an error or poor return which often will be punished through a powerful and forceful attacking shot.

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4 Return of Service Strokes Videos – The eBaTT Formula:

Footwork | Table Tennis Serve | Return of Serve | Technique | Tactics | Speed, Spin, Power

Table Tennis Technique

The strongest table tennis nation on the planet (China) swear by technique and the worlds best player for the past 10 years Ma Long, is arguably the best technical player in the world. I often compare technique to a car, if I have a Ford and you have a Ferrari the chances are I would be able to drive faster than you. On the flip side, you may have a supercharged ford and our muscle me, therefore I’m a believer in developing a car that suits your needs.

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Technique in Table Tennis:


Some Recommended Tools:

Donic Newgy Robo-Pong 2055 – Great for developing technique – BUY NOW on Amazon

TABLE TENNIS: Skills, Techniques, Tactics (Crowood Sports Guides) – A good read about technique & skills (a little dated now though)

Footwork | Table Tennis Serve | Return of Serve | Technique | Tactics | Speed, Spin, Power

Table Tennis Tactics

Often you will see players who look to have wonderful shots but yet they lose to players who seem far less equipt, this is due to tactical awareness. To be a good player you don’t necessarily have to have the best technique, if you are able to outsmart your opponent then it’s possible to beat them. If both players match one another, then tactics will divide the winner from the loser.  It’s important to think about ways of structuring points enabling you to fully benefit from your strengths and disguise or hide your weaknesses.

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Tactics in Table Tennis Videos – The eBaTT Formula:

Footwork | Table Tennis Serve | Return of Serve | Technique | Tactics | Speed, Spin, Power

Spin, Speed & Power

When the game of table tennis (Ping Pong) was first introduced, all three elements; speed, spin and power were limited compared to today’s game. Table tennis has evolved into a super fast game, with spin beyond any other ball game and power generation via athleticism. Power is delivered via a combination of attributes including, technique, muscle and weight distribution via footwork generated from the ground. Speed is delivered via fast twitch muscles, timing and reaction speed. Spin is a venomous skill delivered via fast acceleration with an over so slight touch, which skims the ball enabling it to rotate up to 100 times per second.

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Speed, Spin, Power Table Tennis Videos:

  • Speed – video coming soon
  • Spin
  • Power – video coming soon

Some Recommended Tools:

Footwork | Table Tennis Serve | Return of Serve | Technique | Tactics | Speed, Spin, Power

Nutrition | Physical Condition | Mindset | Table Tennis Consultation | Private Coaching | Group & Club Coaching


eBaTT Table Tennis Nutritionist - Eleni Kailou

Nourish yourself to the top…

Being a top athlete within your sport doesn’t solely depend on how hard you train, although it helps! The most important thing to remember is that you as an athlete are responsible for how efficiently you fuel your body. Just like a car can’t function without gas, athlete’s cannot perform without nutrients.

Understandably, an athletic lifestyle can include a very overwhelming schedule, no matter which level you’re playing at. It can be difficult to prepare meals and easy to grab the foods that provide a quick source of energy. In order to be the top of your game, replacing nourishment with convenience is not the best habit to be in.

“Nutrition cannot substitute for raw talent, training, mental preparation or equipment, but bad nutrition can destroy performance” – Stone Foundation 2005

High-intensity training for Table Tennis

High-intensity training for any sport can put stress on the body, which needs to be recovered in the right way. Each system of the body has a requirement for different nutrients in order for the athlete to perform to the best of their ability. Without going into too much detail, these requirements are as follows:
Muscles – Protein is required for the muscle fibres to repair after exercise. In addition to this, muscles require glycogen as a form of energy, which is obtained from carbohydrates. Green leafy vegetables provide muscles with the appropriate vitamins and minerals which are required to relax muscle fibres and improve blood flow to the muscles.
Heart – A variety of different fruits, vegetables and whole grains provide the body with antioxidants, a form of nutrients that is vital for controlling blood sugars and blood pressure, helping to reduce the risk of fatigue.
Lungs – In order to transport oxygen around the body, especially during a state of competition, the lungs require sufficient amounts of iron, vitamin A and magnesium. These vitamins and minerals are obtained from a variety of different fruits and vegetables.
Adrenals – The adrenals are responsible for helping to cope with stress on the body, whether that be physical or mental stress. In order to promote adrenal health, a sufficient amount of protein, vitamins (B’s especially) and minerals are required.

No one diet fits all:

Whether the athlete is at a beginner, intermediate or elite level, there is not one diet that fits all. However, there are basic guidelines that athletes should follow, whilst taking their training routine into consideration. The most important thing to

Food for Fuel

remember in relation to eating and training is that carbs aren’t only allowed before exercise, and protein isn’t only required after exercise.
Pre-workout – It seems to be a common trend for athlete’s, no matter at which level they’re at, to be taking various pre-workout supplements. These can range from creatine, amino acids, caffeine, etc. When not used appropriately, these supplements can have detrimental effects on the body and therefore performance.

So what is best to eat before training or competitions? The eBaTT Formula

Timings are very important when it comes to eating and performing. 2-3 hours before any exercise a meal should be consumed that incorporates foods with a low glycaemic index (minimal effect on blood sugars). This includes foods such as; Sweet potatoes, oats, beans, lentils, whole grains, vegetables, etc. 1-2 hours before exercise is when a pre-workout snack should be consumed. This includes foods such as; Fresh or dried fruits, nuts, smoothies, protein shake, etc.

During the workout – This is only necessary if the workout duration is longer than 2 hours. To avoid the risk of fatigue development, foods with a high glycaemic index should be consumed. Along with water, foods such as; bananas, raisins, sports drinks/gels are absorbed quickly and easily, without the risk of developing stomach cramps during the workout/competition.

Post workout – Within 2 hours of finishing a workout or competition, a combination of carbohydrates, protein, ‘good’ fats and micronutrients should be consumed. An example of a suitable meal to consume post workout would be; Brown rice + Salmon fillet + avocado + green leafy salad. A combination of protein and carbohydrates improves the muscle’s ability to recover efficiently and avoids the risk of the loss of lean muscle mass.

Individual Diet

There are specific dietary requirements for each individual athlete and their own level of competition. If you would like a more personalised nutrition plan based on your athletic level, please contact our eBbaTT nutritionist Eleni Kailou for more information.

Physical Conditioning

Importance of physicals in table tennis – The eBaTT Formula

Modern Table Tennis players don’t just play the game, they must be athletes inside the sport of table tennis. You may have the best shots but if you don’t possess the speed, power, fitness and physical conditioning, you will not be able to execute your skills at the highest level.

Table Tennis Physicals Conditioning master

table tennis fitness

Guy Ben-aroya, is a physical conditioning master who has played table tennis at an international level and studied the physicals aspects required to reach peak performance. Guy has also developed his body to peak conditioning and is more than experienced in aiding you towards your sporting excellence.

eBaTT – Table Tennis Fitness  

As a former England Squad table tennis player and a person who took table tennis very seriously, I would like to provide my knowledge through my first-class honours degree in Sports and Exercise Science (Teaching & Coaching). I graduated in 2018 and began a masters degree, which has been put on the side for now to pursue work experience inside the industry (table tennis) that I love. 

My qualifications

  • Qualified level 2 Fitness Instructor 
  • Qualified level 3 Personal Trainer  
  • First Class Degree Sport & Exercise Science

Although table tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages, skill and fitness levels, you can elevate your game by; engaging in off the table training sessions and activities specific to the game and it can help you redefine your game dramatically. I have developed many training sessions off the table which are tailored for table tennis but at the same time fun and engaging because often this kind of training is neglected. 

Specific Physical requirements for Table Tennis

Table tennis is an intermittent sport, with varying movement patterns and energetic demands. Explosive movements are performed in between rest periods. Table tennis players require; high aerobic capabilities, during long tournaments and high-intensity training i.e. multiball training. Further to this, table tennis alternates between being an aerobic and anaerobic metabolism sport, due to short periods of intense play i.e. short powerful rallies.

During intense play, the ATP-PCr system is the main mechanism for recovery with glycolysis being the primary source during longer rallies. The ATP-PCr system relies on fast twitch muscle fibers (type IIb) for short burst of intense energy. The aerobic system also comes in to play, help resynthesise the anaerobic stores which aid rapid recovery. Therefore it is extremely important exercising for table tennis, the focus should be on specific areas related to the sport and more importantly individualised. Table tennis requires; agility, speed, power, strength and cardiovascular endurance and these areas should be focused on when looking to increase your table tennis performance.  

Personal Programme:

Would you like a your very own personal programme with Guy? Each programme is tailor-made for your specific needs and requirements, with a full assessment which caters for your specific requirements.

Private Coaching – The eBaTT Formula

Table Tennis ForehandImagine a private table tennis coaching session beautifully designed just for you! We are flexible and can attend your home, leisure centre, private hall or club, the location is your choice. You can have a 1-2-1 session or a small group (max 6 players). You can choose any amount of time from 30min, 45min, to an hour. Block booking coaching packages are also available. 

Private coaching sessions are one of the quickest ways to improve your game play. Sessions will involve a combination of exercises working on your technique, serve and return and a expert tailor-made technical analysis.  

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