It has been a long standing dream of ours to run a full time, 24/7 access, table tennis centre. After over 20 years, this dream is finally becoming a reality with the new eBaTT Centre opening it’s doors on 3rd July 2022.

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8th to 31st August 2022, Monday-Thursday, 1-4pm

Group coaching for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

£20 PREMIUM Members / £40 Affiliate Members

"Eli is The Best Table Tennis Coach in England"
Zak abel and Eli Baraty
Zak Abel
Former England No.1 Table Tennis Player

Table Tennis Coaching with Eli Baraty

Are you looking for a table tennis coach? Eli Baraty is one of Europe’s top table tennis coaches and an ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) qualified coach. Eli has dedicated his life to the sport and believes in providing each player with the best pathway for success. Eli has a passion for sharing knowledge and finding ways to make you a better table tennis player.

Locally, nationally and internationally, eBaTT is a vocal and physical advocate for table tennis. We visit locations all over England, Europe and now the World, in pursuit of helping Players, Clubs and Coaches. We work with players of all levels and backgrounds; youth, clubs, corporate companies, schools, National teams, and professional players. Anyone who is passionate about table tennis is able to access our expertise, knowledge, and services.

You can work or be coached by Eli Baraty and his team to develop your table tennis game regardless of age, level or ability. Your future in the sport is important to us, which is why we have developed a holistic table tennis coaching method and techniques tailored for you.

The eBaTT Formula

• Footwork

• Table Tennis Serve

• Return of Serve

• Technique

• Tactics

• Speed, Spin, Power

• Nutrition

• Physical Condition

• Mind Set

• Table Tennis Consultation

• Private Coaching Session

• Group & Club Coaching

• Spin To Win

• Spring Footwork

• Eye Training

• Decision Making Cards

• eBaTT Low Serve Bar

• eBaTT Books

How Can We Help You?

Please contact us for all your table tennis needs. Anyone who is passionate about table tennis is able to access our expertise, knowledge, and services.

Para Table Tennis Coaching

Check out our Youtube channel for weekly table tennis tutorials and challenges.

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