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Table Tennis Camp in Lagos Portugal 2019

Table Tennis From The Heart

We all love something or a few things but if you play table tennis from your heart, the game will change your life

Why Table Tennis 


Today I am with a very special group of international coaches and each day we spend together the more I realise why they coach. I could be wrong but I’ve never seen a sport that captures people’s hearts the way table tennis does!
I know there are huge fans for other sports but for me, there’s something different with table tennis. A true table tennis player or coach gives to the sport and to those around them from the heart and with a mindset of “I want to give and want nothing in return”. Table tennis people seem to love sharing and want to grow alongside others.
United Table Tennis Camp in Portugal 2019
United Table Tennis Camp in Portugal 2019

Julien Girard (Former Pro A Coach in France)

20 years ago both I and Julien crossed paths (as players) when I lived in France back in 1999-2000. We both went on to become coaches (I in England and Julien in France) with lots of success respectively. A few years back I saw an important message from Julien on Facebook and I immediately felt connected to him and his story.
I decided to reach out to him and our relationship began. I then had one of his players come to England and be a part of my set up for 3 months and he was the last sign I needed. It was time for me to form a physical connection but how would I do this?
United Table Tennis Coaching Team
United Table Tennis Coaching Team

How did it happen?

My wife and I occasionally watch X factor together and I saw a panel created by Simon factor and thought how can I create a super team in my field? That night I began researching Europe’s leading coaches. For me, the team was under my nose but I needed someone respected throughout Europe to have that true pulling power. Julien was that person and I felt if he was on board the others would feel join without hesitation. 
I began talking to Julien and over time we noticed how our path and mindset were in sync, this was my trigger and I dropped the bombshell. Would you be apart of a special European team? to my delight, Julien did not hesitate and this gave me the power I required in creating the United Table Tennis Coaching Team.

The Aim

UTTCT was created to provide an opportunity for all table tennis lovers, for those who want to be apart of a coaching and playing system, normally only accessible to professionals. If you have a dream, wake up and make it happen.

Table tennis has the ability to grab your heart and give you the key to virtually anything on the planet.