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Table Tennis Fan

Are you a table tennis Fan? I know I am! I’m a fan of table tennis clubs, events and players and they can often be idealistic in my personal perspective.

Portugal Table Tennis Camp with UTTCT

I will be heading over to Portugal tomorrow to host a training camp alongside side some of Europes best players and coaches (UTTCT). These kinds of experiences bring out my inner child because I am in ore of each coach and both Romain Ruiz Romain Ruiz (arguably the best Boomerang flick in the world) plus Stephane Ouaiche (possibly Europes most talented player).  

Most of us are seen or respected by others or someone


I believe most of us a fan or fans, whether it be our own family or friends! More often than not there is someone who looks up to you and respects what you do or the field you’re in. I’ve had a few moments in my career (life) where people really appreciate my work and passion or ability. I remember many years back when I was a player a few kids approached me asking for my autograph. I was young at the time and it felt nice but not special. Maybe deep down I knew that I’m playing in a big event and they see me as apart of the event so I must be famous! I had a similar occurrence at the World Championship of Ping Pong which I competed on 3 occasions. In one event I lost to the current world champion Andrew Baggaley. Yet again I did not feel like a person who’s truly respected just another guy who’s in a televised event and apart of a system.

A True Table Tennis Fan


3 days ago, I experienced something different, a person who seemed to truly honour my work and showed me such respect and gratitude. I was in the middle of a private coaching session at one of my coaching locations in Kenton Kulanu (North West London). The door alarm rang and I thought it’s for the ladies in the office but I quickly went over to answer the door and true to my thought it was someone for them. 15 minutes later the doorbell rang again, this time I thought I’ll leave it must be for the office because my next session is in 30 min.

The bell went off again, so (the gentleman that I am) went to answer the door again! and this time someone said I’m from my name is X and I am from Korea. I quickly intervened and said please wait a moment. I went over to the office and said to the ladies there’s someone at the door for you from Korea. Thirty seconds later, the lady (who went to greet the guest) popped her head through my coaching door and said you need to come down the stairs, it’s a man from Korea who says he’s your table tennis fan. I naturally thought she was joking and it was a windup, nevertheless, I went downstairs opened the front door and an Asian looking man was standing behind the gate waiting. As soon as he saw me his body tightened (with joy) and he lifted his arms pointing at me saying “OMG it’s you, it’s Eli, it’s really you”. I must admit I thought it was a prank and greeted the gentleman nicely while he continued saying what an honour it is to meet me. 

It’s was not a Joke

I took the man upstairs to see my session and of course, his phone came out, asking for videos and pictures. At this point it felt real, he explained that he was in London for a few days and had seen me on social media and youtube. He was a big admirer of my coaching style and he really wanted to see me in person. Wangsu decided to try his luck and jump on two buses from Heathrow to see if by chance he could meet me. He went on to tell me many players watch my videos and coaching in Korea and if I was ever to come over he would host me. I must admit I have never felt more proud in my coaching career. What an honour, to have touched someone’s life from another part of the world and all through my passion and love of table tennis.


Table Tennis Coaching young players
Table Tennis Passion

Your profession is special 

I do believe we are all special in our own right, but some professions are not as glamorous as others and some are even frowned upon. Last year I played football with some guys from my home town and two of the boys are bin men. Let me tell you, even though it’s naturally not a profession people would want, these guys are special in their own right. Firstly because many won’t do it, secondly it’s uncomfortable, thirdly it’s tough and lastly, it can be frowned upon. Yet it’s essential in our society and we are able to dispose of smelly and useless things because of these guys. The point I’m trying to make is we should try to respect everyone’s profession as long as it serves a positive purpose. Ultimately the key is to respects what people do but if you are in a special field where you are lucky enough to be recognised and admired, then stay humble. Appreciate the good fortune you have and try to support and encourage people to be the best they can be.

The most beautiful thing

For me, the honour of having Wansu as a fan was greater than what it may have felt for him. I offered to play with the Wansu before heading to my next job and again his gratitude was overwhelmed me. I gave wang my number and said if you’re ever in London don’t hesitate to contact me. Later on that day I received the most beautiful message from him. 

Hi It’s Wansu from Korea. It was very short, but will last forever in my memory. Thank you for welcoming me with warm heart. See u soon!!

To me there’s no greater gift than giving and my whole life I’ve always wanted to give, I’ve come to realise that giving, gives back twice as much. It’s just a matter of time before you give so much that you will receive in abundance, sometimes you just have to be patient. Wangsu asked to see and receive my new Kudus serve Kudus Serve, he was amazed and loved the experience.

Table Tennis Coach

As a Table Tennis coach, you would never expect to be greeted as a top player does, I can only say that I am truly blessed. I am also super happy that coaches are appreciated and respected because they are in my opinion they create most of the magic hidden behind many clubs and players.