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Table Tennis Evolution

Table tennis evolution could possibly be greater than any other sport?!

I don’t know for a fact if table tennis has evolved more than any other sport but it sure does feel like it.

Table Tennis History

Our game started with a wine bottle cork and some cigar boxes (primitive).

Today table tennis uses more variety of equipment than any other sport on the planet and has had countless rules and game-changing scenarios.

Many have their grips and yet most adapt to the ever-changing sport.

Modern table tennis game:

Today the game has super equipment technology, which allows players to spin the ball at Zero to 100revs per second. The ball can be hit with plenty of power and speeds.

Table tennis evolution has caused many issues for the sport.

If you don’t play you won’t understand the spin, you will see a few long-lasting rallies and dismiss those who seemingly miss the odd easy looking shot.

Stellan Bengtsson Blade
Modern technique advancements:
  1. Backhand flick: allows us to override spin and produce enough sidespin/topspin to take control of the ball
  2. Backhand: the backhand is a weapon used much more in today’s game and without it, it’s virtually impossible to be a world class player.
  3. Forehand topspin: due to speed modern top players play this stroke almost square now. They bend the playing hand knee, loading the leg with ground power. The waist can twist via this drop stance and this giving the player more time as opposed to bringing the playing hand leg slightly backwards (off square stance). This is of course mainly used close to the table to create efficiency in movement due to lack of time.
What does the future of table tennis look like?

No one truly knows but if you study the past and today’s game you will see how the game has evolved. This evolution can give you better insights into how the game will be shaped in years to come.

Develop modern strokes as a foundation for your game but be open-minded to adapt your game. This is because a change in table tennis may happen at any given moment.

Written by Eli Baraty
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