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Discipline in Table Tennis

If you’re serious about becoming successful in the sport then discipline in table tennis is essential towards achieving your goals.

Table Tennis Malta

I’m currently leading an Easter Table Tennis Training Camp in Malta. At the HiTT Academy in Valletta run by world-renowned table tennis coach Mario Genovese.

The moment I stepped into the training hall, I instantly noticed something extra special!
Let me paint the picture for you before I reveal the speciality.

Malta TTC HiTT Academy

The Club:

  • Has one main hall, with six tables
  • Two other small areas where you have one table and potentially 1 or 2 tables area but it’s mainly used for physicals.
  • Back run space is very small, only close to the table play is possible, unless you reduce the number of tables and manoeuvred them lengthways.
  • The hall is underground which gets humid and dusty.
  • The hall is limited in usage because it’s a school hall.
  • The lights are poor

The list can be continued but I’ll leave it there as it’s just a taste in what the players deal with.

Today the hall had some building work and naturally, there was plenty of frustrating noises. Nevertheless, training continued and this is where I must admit I’m yet to have coached a more disciplined group of youth & adults.

Special attitude and discipline:

On my arrival I was warmly greeted and respected instantly which made me feel empowered towards giving everyone my best. I gathered the players for a physical warm up and it was beautiful watching them gracefully go through the routines; No cheating, no talking, no arguing when one person got in someone’s way by mistake, it was simply bliss!

A did my usual group chat prior to our training and each player aged 7 upwards was fully attentive and responsive when directed to or questioned.

Why this club is the most successful club on the Island by a country mile and then it hit home. Leading table tennis nations such as; Japan, Germany, China, France, Korea are top of the tree because table tennis requires DISCIPLINE. Without that special attribute, you will not and can not succeed inside the sport.

Disciplines in Table Tennis, include:

  1. Commitment: Wanting and willing to do what is required to get results.
  2. Hard work: Willingness to; sweat, train harder, smarter and longer than others
  3. Drive: Making your surroundings suit your needs and accepting certain circumstances with a will to make the most of it. Or change to a different environment which you feel will cater for your needs.
 Deal with it!

There was not one person in the hall today who came up to me complaining, something I constantly deal with on a daily basis in England!
They had about 20 different legitimate reasons to complain about but they smiled and in many ways embraced the good fortune of having; a hall, a coach, tables, balls etc.

It’s a lesson that we must all encirclement and if we can install this kind of discipline and gracious attitude, we’re guaranteed success.

Written by Eli Baraty featuring HiTTA Malta

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