Michael Gerrard, My Inspiration

Every so often I’m asked who’s your inspiration/role-model/mentor? I always answer, I try to learn from everyone but if I was to pick one. It would be Michael Gerrard, He inspired me to be the best version of me and a man that has given me pure hope and belief in myself. Most importantly, recently he has…

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Stevie Brunskill’s Kind Words Of Recognition

I have won 1 award in my 21 years of coaching and that brought me to tears!Because I felt respected and recognised. I think it’s something we all want! Whether it be by one or one hundred people (that’s irrelevant), the relevance is making an impact and then for it to be recognised.Today opening FB and reading…

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See, Respond, React

Training Your Eyes for Table Tennis

How Important is Training Your Eyes for Table Tennis?Should you train your eyes for table tennis?Most of us are truly fortunate to have eyes that work but unfortunately, we often take our eyes for granted and in many cases neglect our vision. The same goes for our feet (they hold our bodies upright and allow us to…

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The Inner Game

Inner Game by Timothy Gallwey

I will be attending the inner game conference held by Timothy Gallwey himself in Hertfordshire University on April 29th, 2019. It's a full day packed with guest speakers and information provided to uplift your sporting game. If you wish to be a part of this special event see details below.“Knowledge is Power”I’ve grown as a person and…

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Table Tennis Rules

Most people who play or have played know the basic rules in table tennis. If you don’t here’s a link for table tennis rules. Table tennis has and most likely will continue to evolve. Table tennis has evolved so much that many recreational table tennis or (ping pong) players abide by the older rules. Such as celluloid…

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Table Tennis Balls

How important are table tennis balls and do the characteristics and different ball companies, truly affect your game? The History of Table tennis balls Since I first began playing there has been two major changes to the ball, the size and the material of the ball. These changes can be seen both as a positive and negative.…

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Young Eli Dreaming of Becoming World Champion

Personal Table Tennis Development

Today I want to talk about personal table tennis develop. How and why you should develop your personal game. The Hook It all starts with some kind of trigger; you see a top table tennis player executing beautifully crafted shots, you hear the sound of the ball pinging from side to side, or you play a friend…

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How Important Are Parents in Table Tennis?

It’s a very difficult question to answer, how important are parents in table tennis, or as a sporting parent in general? Personal experience: Many know by now from previous blogs my story. A single parent and a single child, but did my circumstances enable or disable me? My mum was very supportive in terms of giving me…

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Table Tennis Vs Smartphones

What is your opinion, when using smartphones in table tennis tournaments or in the training hall? 10 years ago, the most you could do with your phone was; call someone, take a picture and play snakes. Today your phone is like a computer in your hands... Smart Phones: The ability to play games, email, phone, text, surf…

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The Backhand Flick, Boomerang Flick

The backhand flick has become one of the most used shots in table tennis. I could be wrong but I believe Dimitrij Ovtcharov, is the main person who took this shot into the masses. Peter Kobel Peter Korbel was known for creating the Banana or Chiquita flick but Dima made the backhand flick a shot used a…

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