The Backhand Flick, Boomerang Flick

The backhand flick has become one of the most used shots in table tennis.
I could be wrong but I believe Dimitrij Ovtcharov, is the main person who took this shot into the masses.

Peter Kobel

Peter Korbel was known for creating the Banana or Chiquita flick but Dima made the backhand flick a shot used a lot more and many cases executed anywhere on the table.

Strawberry flick

Today, we see most top players look to return short serves with their backhands. Whether it be the Chiquita flick or a normal backhand flick. Recently a new flick has come to play, the “strawberry flick”. The is a shot which technically starts in the same position as the Banana/Chiquita flick (high elbow) but is executed in an opposite movement to the Chiquita flick.

Change of name:

I’m unsure as to how the flick got the name “strawberry” but I would like to see a better name given. I think it’s important for our game to look and be portrayed in a professional manner. Banana and Strawberry sounds more like a fruit salad than an Olympic Sport.
I want us to refer to this newly introduced shot as the “Boomerang backhand flick” unless you guys can suggest something better?

How to execute the inside out flick.

1. Step into the table, keep your body facing in the direction of a normal or Chiquita flick. This enhances the effectiveness of the shot by deceiving your opponent via your body language.
2. Have your elbow nice and high to enable good shot execution.
3. Rotate your elbow and wrist in the opposite movement of a Chiquita flick. Wrap your wrist around the ball, injecting plenty of side spin (choice of top or back-side spin) depending on ball contact point.

To see this shot in execution click here

Personally, I love being creative and finding new concepts inside table tennis. Believe it or not, the Boomerang flick has been around for many years. But now it has been taken to a whole new level due to the versatility and collaboration of the Chiquita flick.

The disguise between both shots is extremely effective and I urge all players to incorporate this magical shot into their games.

Written by Eli Baraty

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