Table Tennis Communication!

World Ping Pong Championships
Chris Doran and Eli Baraty

As coaches and players, we thrive to achieve our potential and table tennis communication is often something both parties lack. Coach’s, in particular, portray their thoughts and feelings and player’s, in general, absorb the information. In most cases, the coaches provide wonderful information (on few occasion it’s poor information). Either way, the ignorant student takes on board the information and does not have his/her say. Potentially, damaging their future potential and current progress. Furthermore the possibility of causing future friction between both player and coach. 

What is table tennis communication?

1. It’s a two-way thing: Both parties talk to one another giving and taking information and working together towards a greater cause.

2. No matter your position you need to express your feelings and thoughts (no one but you) knows what you’re thinking and feeling, so ‘EXPRESS IT’.

3. Table Tennis Communication can be delivered using your 5 senses (hearing, listening, seeing, smelling and feeling) try to use what you feel is best to get your point across.

Notice how both coach and player communicate with one another next time you are a club or tournament.

Communication builds trust and when we know how someone is thinking and feeling, we can trust them to take us to our desired destination.