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Private 121 Table Tennis Coaching

Eli Baraty Academy of Table Tennis

Private 121 Table Tennis Coaching with Eli Baraty

Imagine a private 121 table tennis coaching session beautifully designed just for you! I am flexible and can attend your home, leisure centre, private hall or club, the location is your choice.

Why me?

Eli Baraty eBaTT Table Tennis Coach LondonWhen I first began playing table tennis I wanted to have the best coach, so I could learn how to execute shots like a professional and beat my friends and fellow competitors. I researched top players and clubs and tracked down their coaches. Through my years of experience, I give my very best to each student and that’s because of one simple fact, I truly care!
As a former aspiring player, I knew if a coach cared and wanted the best for his players and club, then they would give me the same service. After many years of playing and honing in my skills, via an ore of top coaches and clubs, I decided to provide my skills and knowledge to those that want the best for themselves. I ask for one thing from my students they must possess passion and the will to work hard and smart towards their goals.

What I provide:

Today my past experiences of working with some of the world’s leading coaches and player’s enable me to coach players of all levels. I provide a tailor-made learning experience through my creativity, you will experience a unique coaching style & play. I give you an incredible insight into how the best in the world train. I develop your specific needs into a game which enables you to increase your overall performance, I call it the Magic Touch!

Book your private Table Tennis Coaching session, 121 or small groups (max 4 players)

You can choose any amount of time from 30min, 45min, to an hour.
If you would like to book a coaching session, please fill in in the form.

All services are Money Back Guaranteed. I want you to be happy with your experience and if for any reason, you are disappointed or unhappy, I will give you a full refund.

Block Booking coaching packages are also available, for more information, see below.

5 Hours table tennis coaching
with Eli Baraty


Include table hire at eBaTT Centre

What You Get:

Service and return expert coaching

How to feel the ball and instantly improve your knock up

Tailor-made technical analysis


121 coaching at eBaTT centre

We have specific coaching which includes:

Developmental coaching (Recreational, beginner, developing)

Advanced coaching (Local, county, national level)

Elite coaching (National to international level)

eBaTT table tennis coaches

Private Table Tennis Coaching or 121's

What is Private Table Tennis Coaching or 121’s. In simple terms, its an opportunity for a player looking to develop their personal game. They hire a private coach who can enhance the players skills, develop new skills, work on the individuals personal game requirements. Drills and exercises are produced by the coach for the player, which may include; service, receive of serve, footwork, technical and tactical drills. 

Over time, more often than not, the player will see big progressions with their technical and tactical game. Results improve and confidence also increases, this is mainly because table tennis (described by NASA) as the hardest sport in the world, must be learnt. An expert coach will have years of play and coaching experience which they will provide to you. Our coaches at eBaTT are mentored by Eli Baraty a world class coach who’s worked with all level of players and has produced many elite level players. 

You can contact Eli ( personally and he will assess your level and game and point out what coach you personally require from our team of eBaTT coaching team.