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Meet The eBaTT Team

Meet and find out more about our eBaTT team members experience and expertise.

Meet eBaTT team member Eli Baraty - Head Coach

Eli is the founder of eBaTT and a freelance table tennis coach and mentor. He has over 24 years of coaching experience, from beginners through to international and professional players. He has worked with and coached many national and international champions. Eli is a master in finding issues in your game but even better at solving your personal table tennis deficiencies which has resulted in him coaching over 20 players into the top 10 England ranking list, including 5 England no.1’s.

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Guy joined eBaTT in 2018 as a general manager but was an original eBaTT student 15 years ago. He was a former England no.5 behind the likes of Liam Pitchford (current England no.1 men) and Gavin Evans (former European cadet champion and current England men’s coach. Guy has a First Class Degree in physical education, teaching and coaching Sports and Exercise Science. 

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Sammy Kaye, has been playing table tennis for the last decade. He was a top junior and currently is around 80 in England in the men’s ranking list.

Sammy has a degree and has decided to focus his energy on table tennis coaching. Sammy coaches in schools, and is Head coach at eBaTT, leading all group sessions as well as coaching privately. His aim is to provide advanced players the edge they require to uplift their game. Sammy is a serious coach who wants to see his players focused and working hard towards their chosen goal.

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Helen started playing table tennis from the age of 8 years old. Aged 11 she became no1 U12 and by 16 she was NO 1 England Junior and reached No.3 in the seniors. Helen has represented England in numerous international tournaments, and won the English National title in singles and mixed doubles.

Helen has coached in Singapore and China.

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Player - Coach

Sam Mabey started playing for England aged 11 and that continued for 8 years through into senior level. Sam has played in various table tennis leagues, tournaments and training camps all over the world, including England representation at the European championships. Today Sam is ranked no.8 England men, plays in the senior British League and coaches at Ackworth Table Tennis Academy. Sam has great work ethic, hard working and extremely diving in making all his players develop.

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Jade Blasse

Committee Member

Former Saint Lucian international player. Worked with and alongside Eli for 18 years, a very organised and passionate coach. A true motivator and a coach that pushes you beyond your comfort zone to achieve greater heights.

eBaTT Business Advisor

Taiwo joined eBaTT in 2017 as a student of Eli Baraty which led to the development of the first eBaTT  website and today is an overall advisor and manager of the company. He mainly advises Eli on new business and coaching venture. Tai is an entrepreneur; a professional photographer, web designer and developer, owner of wedding reviews and directory 5starweddingdirectory and recently has launched a new sports company Taigersport.

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eBaTT - Singapore Collaborator

Nicholas joined eBaTT in 2012 as a student and became part of the coaching team in 2015. Today Nicholas is part of the eBaTT team but also has developed his own coaching umbrella NLTTA . Nicholas first started his table tennis journey in Hong Kong at his local club and school. His ability to develop was slow compared to his fellow teammates and therefore he stopped playing until… He moved to England, joining Harefield Academy school where he was reintroduced to the table tennis programme run by Eli Baraty. 

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eBaTT Coach

Hayden joined eBaTT in 2019 coaching in schools and assisting in various clubs under the eBaTT banner. Hayden prides himself on being a proactive & intuitive coach, due to the fact that he was self taught growing up. He started playing table tennis aged 11 but didn’t have any proper coaching until he was 24 years old.

Hayden runs the open group coaching sessions at the Centre on Saturdays as well as providing private 121 coaching for many of our members and players. Hayden is also part of the events team and hosts birthday parties and corporate events for eBaTT.

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