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How to Improve your Table Tennis game in1 month

Players often ask me how can I improve my table tennis game? The simple answer I enjoy giving “hire me as your coach” lol.

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Improve your table tennis game at least 10% in the next 30 days, then follow these 3 simple steps.
  1. Record your training drills and match play, you will quickly notice things you never knew you did.
  2. Break the routine, if you practice once a week make it twice or more or visa versa. Try new things; new exercises, different clubs, different sparring partners, a different coach and try to place yourself under unfamiliar territory. Try to notice how you deal with it because in tournaments or league’s you will often face an unfamiliar situation and that’s where you must find solutions. If you purposely and constantly place yourself in an unfamiliar situation you will learn to deal with tough situations.This will enabling you to develop and progress at a faster rate.
  3. Practice your serve, I’m sure you’ve heard this before (serve is the most important shot in the game) YES, we know that! So, if you know it why won’t you spend 5-10 minutes practicing it before you play? Experiment with a new service, try to keep the ball low over the net, place the service where you don’t often go or have never gone before and try to impart as much spin as possible. The more you do this, the more joy you’ll get when people miss-read or return your serve poorly and lastly fail to return your serve.

You have three tools to improve your table tennis game which will instantly help you with your game and if you require more get in touch with me or your local coach.

Written by Eli Baraty
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  1. vijay jain

    which video camera you recommend , I am 77 yrs , play in my club & senior games . how to improve one notch more ? thanks .

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