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High-Quality Shots in Table Tennis

How do we develop high-quality table tennis shots?

First, we must understand the difference between perception and what is actually high-quality shots in table tennis!

Perception versus reality:

There was a time when I saw others put topspin or side-spin on the ball and making it bend in the air, it appeared to me as the ultimate shot. As I personally developed spin and high-quality shots, my perception changed.

My early developments included seeing a top England junior training with his coach (regular drills) and that appeared in my mind as a person who was a machine. I developed my level and the past machine became a good player. Then I saw world-class players training and playing matches and felt I could execute shots like them.

My perception changed from when I was a beginner seeing the low-level play but (believing its inhuman) to an elite level and thinking I can do that.

what makes the difference between world-class players and us mere mortals?

Consistency: Top level players can execute high-quality shots consistently and most players are able to execute high-quality shots but on a reduced level of consistency.
Footwork: Top players develop dynamic movements that enable them to generate huge power and higher tension shots compared to recreational or good players
High-quality shots: When you watch recreational players, you will rarely see high-quality shots and when it does occur they are ecstatic. A good player top 100 level in most countries will produce high-quality shots between 50%-80% of the time. Then you watch world class players (top 50 in the world level). They produce 80-90% high-quality shots and the top 10 players in the world have a percentage of 92-95% HQS.

What’s a high-quality ball?

This is a ball that has high tension; lots of spin, power, placement, width or depth, deception, varying heights and all these balls possess high energy.
If you ever block for a world-class player, you’ll quickly notice the speed power and weight on the ball once it hits your bat. This is all because they have developed their strokes to generate all the qualities mentioned above.

How to develop high-quality shots:

If you want to be a world-class player, I advise you to watch them training live. Notice the; footwork, speed, power, agility, sound when they hit the ball, arm speed, body movements and focus on producing a high-quality ball on every shot. They are not content with a softball and aim to produce as much energy as possible regardless of stroke execution.

If you’re willing and truly want to become a top player, then you require discipline and acceptance that it requires time. Time alongside, good coaching and guidance toward excellence.

When you commit yourself towards self-development, then and only then will you get your desired outcome.

High-Quality table tennis shots displayed in this video click here
Written by Eli Baraty

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