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Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail 

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail,

I am a great believer in the saying, fail to plan, plan to fail! And through my early life, I failed constantly!
There are three types of sports people: A loser, A participant and A winner.
More often than not we choose our destiny (consciously or subconsciously).  

fail to plan, plan to fail
Did not Plan
We Aspire Greatness

Most have the same aspirations and dreams “to be a Winner” but most don’t have the PLAN and true desire alongside grit, in becoming a WINNER!

As a child I generally played on the streets, rarely seeing my mother or father. This enabled me to explore at free will and effectively do what I wanted. I used my imagination and to a certain extent, I believed anything is possible! This lifestyle developed my desire toward achievement and built my; resilience, determination and grit. These qualities are required in becoming a champion but I lacked one key ingredient a PLAN. 

Dreaming Big

I had dreams of becoming world champion and I was willing to do whatever it takes in order to achieve that dream. Unfortunately, I did not have a guide/coach and I took it upon myself to do what I thought was right by watching the best and trying to emulate them. 

I tried to train hard as a professional and copied their technical shots from visual observations. My progression was relatively fast throughout my junior career. And I genuinely believed I would become world champion one day! At 17-18 years of age, reality hit home and I realised my level was too low in order to achieve my ultimate ambition. Due to reality I was devastated and packed up playing all together when 19, and made a come back a year later.

The point 

I had a dream and the desire but I didn’t have guidance nor did I have a specific plan! This ultimately leads me into the losers category. I did not set up a plan, towards my goal, it was just a dream and without a set plan no dream can be achieved.


You must have someone who has either experienced your chosen journey or the knowledge needed to guide you towards yours. Working together you both can work towards your destination and the guide/coach can direct you towards your dream. I was ignorant and didn’t know that it was virtually impossible to become a table tennis world champion starting at the age of 14. Especially being based in England (a relatively weak table tennis nation). I had no plan and I was on a journey without a map.
If you’re under the age of ten you have a chance but you must have a guide/coach to provide the knowledge and expertise alongside a set a plan…

Your guide or coach must be:

1. Be Realistic – this means the ultimate goal must be recognised early doors. It’s virtually impossible to become world champion at any sport if you start playing aged 30 for example. Nevertheless, aim high, as high as humanly possible and if you fall short its better than aiming low and falling short.

2. Find Experience – Find someone who has experience in your chosen field and a vision which co-insides with your dreams and beliefs 

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY – The coach must have a PLAN. It’s easy to quit, it’s difficult to stay in the game and it’s near impossible to become world champion. Therefore to become special you must have a plan to drive you towards hitting your targets. Often we are caught in a system and become either a follower (a participant) or we quit (a loser). If you have a vision and know what you wish to achieve then creating a plan can be easy because you know where you are going. 

We see something we like and decide to go into that field but more often than not we are sucked into a system. A set way of training, a set tournament schedule and a set belief system. 

The plan

You are an individual which means if you follow or copy others it’s highly unlikely that you will be a champion. 

You must have a plan in place that suits you specifically.
Things which need to be taken into account:
– Body shape and height
– Mindset 
– Goals 
– Desires 
– Work rate
– Sacrifice 
– Your Resources 
And so on..

Once these have been taken into account a plan can be placed within a specific training schedule. Which includes: mental training, nutritional plan, physical training and optional target hitting chart. 

Fail to plan, plan to fail

Please note: a plan can be altered or changed depending on the situation but a plan must always be in place. If you truly want to be in the small group of winners, make a plan.