eBaTT Shefford Table Tennis Club

Discover Table Tennis Excellence at eBaTT’s Newest Branch, Address: Shefford Sports Club, Hitchin Road, Shefford, SG17 5JD

Join our vibrant community at eBaTT Shefford, a New haven for table tennis enthusiasts open to everyone of skill level. Our Shefford facility is more than just a sports venue; it’s a place where players come to grow and connect.

At eBaTT Shefford, we’re not just playing table tennis; we’re building a community of sportsmanship, friendship, and personal growth.

To book a single session, please use our interactive timetable below:

Interactive Image Areas
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Block of six package offers can be purchased by selecting the package tab below:-


  • Kids Coaching Package (7-11 Years): Package of 6 coaching sessions for £40 (£6.66 per session)
  • Juniors Coaching Package (12-17 Years): Package of 6 coaching sessions for £40 (£6.66 per session)
  • Kids Open Play Package (7-11 Years): Package of 6 Kids open play sessions for £30 (£5 per session)
  • Junior Open Play Package (12-17 Years): Package of 6 junior open play sessions for £30 (£5 per session)
  • Adult Open Play Package: Package of 6 adult open play sessions for £63 (£10.50 per session)

If you don’t want to buy a package you can also book a single session by clicking the tab below:-

Kids Open Play – £7.50 per session

Junior Open Play – £7.50 per session

Adult Open Play – £12.50 per session

Kids Coaching – £7.50 per session

Junior Coaching – £7.50 per session 

Contact Us:

  • For more information, reach out to Michelle at 07866 616 574 or Hayden Gruby, our Head Coach at 07902 995563.

Explore Further:

  • Learn about our coaching techniques and the eBaTT training philosophy.
  • Also see our video tutorials to help you visualise how you can practically apply the above techniques.

Join Our eBaTT Shefford Community

Whether you’re starting or striving to be a top player, eBaTT Shefford offers an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone. Our club is a place where players of all ages can come together to share their love for the game, learn from each other, and participate in local and regional competitions. Our dedicated coaches don’t just teach table tennis techniques; they mentor players to develop teamwork, discipline, and a healthy competitive spirit. Being a part of eBaTT Shefford means joining a family that supports and celebrates every milestone in your table tennis journey.

Our facilities are not just venues for training and matches; they are spaces where lifelong friendships are forged, where the community comes together for exciting events, and where the spirit of table tennis thrives. We regularly host friendly tournaments, social events, and skill workshops, making eBaTT Shefford a dynamic hub for anyone passionate about the sport. Join us and experience the joy and excitement of being part of our thriving table tennis community.