What Makes a Top Table Tennis Players?

Senior British League Filip Szymanksi
Filip Szymanski playing for eBaTT


Everyone has a different view of what is a top player but what makes top table tennis players, is my fascination. When I first started playing table tennis the local league players were the top player in my eyes! Today I’m seen as a top player (locally, nationally and occasionally internationally). I personally don’t consider my self as a top player because (as a teen I dreamed of becoming “A World Champion”). I did not achieve this dream for many reasons but I personally consider a top player someone who is ranked inside the worlds top 150 or around that level. You may view a top player as; top 10 in your county or no.1 in your local club or possibly top 10 in the world. No matter what your view is of a top player, you can become a top player yourself. This depends on many factors of course but it can be achieved. 

You need to do 3 things:

1. You need to have a vision. Every top table tennis player will tell you they envisioned themselves becoming great. There is a huge difference between having goals and a vision. When you have goals you’re aiming to hit that goal. Unfortunately, most don’t pursue when it gets tough or if they fail to reach certain goals. But having a vision on the other hand means you see yourself achieving and doing whatever it takes in achieving your dreams. Having a vision does not mean you will always achieve (due to age, personal capabilities, local/national structure, resources etc.). But having a vision gives you a far greater opportunity of achieving your dreams because you will do your utmost to break through the obstacles. 

2. Sacrifice, no athlete has achieved without sacrificing many things in their lives, to achieve their dreams. This may mean moving to another country (e.g. Andy Murray) or giving up your weekends etc. 

3. Plan, the saying goes “fail to prepare… prepare to fail”, that quote says it all. Nothing is produced without some sort of plan, yes you can go and train and improve without a specific plan but by turning up to a training session you have subconsciously planed. You planned to turn up for training at e.g. 8:00pm and practice your FH’s and BH’s etc. Then you play games and plan how to beat your opponent but the better you plan the chances of achieving and progressing is far greater.

A video of how precise top players are when training click here

Top players are not born they are made, so what are you waiting for? Go and make yourself a top player…

Written by Eli Baraty