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Table Tennis Training Camps

What Makes a Good Table Tennis Camp?

Table Tennis Training Camps

I’ve held and been to hundreds of table tennis camps over the years and believe they can be the no.1 way to develop your game.

eBaTT -Topspin Summer Table Tennis Camp
Table Tennis Camps

Dependent upon:

  1. Ratio: how many coaches in comparison to players, a good ratio is between 4-6 players to 1 coach
  2. Multiball: you should receive multiball at the camp this enhances your ability to develop your overall game 10 folds if done correctly.
  3. Variety of players and levels: this gives you the opportunity to try out things against lower level, compete with players of your level and be pushed to new heights with players of a higher level than yourself.
  4. Facilities: you want good quality tables, hall, balls and lighting giving you the best chance to develop your game.
  5. Knowledge and experienced coaches: this enables you to receive good advice and generally non-conflicting information.
  6. Variety of drills: must include, footwork, service and receive, personal exercises for self-development.
  7. Time and breaks: you want to train for around 5-6 hours but with frequent breaks. This allows you to self-reflect, re-charge and still have plenty of table time.
  8. Match play: verity of match play situations allowing you to experiment and develop your new thought skills.

Camps I personally host:

eBaTT – Topspin Summer camp: Possibly the best camp in England with 10 coaches and 34 players of all ages and levels from across the globe. It’s a camp that provides all the above, see for your self by clicking on the link http:// – Join us for our next camp.

To book your place visit:

I also host camps in Europe including; Malta, Belgium, France, Portugal, Hungary etc. To find out more visit my camps page by clicking on this link:

There are plenty of camps held by various other coaches and clubs, the key is to make sure you do your homework before committing. Often, you’ll find a name is not always quality unless it’s my name of course (lol). On a serious note, I pride myself on providing the very best quality and hand pick my camp coaches.

I look forward to seeing you soon on one of my camps…

Written by Eli Baraty
eBaTT (Eli Baraty Academy of Table Tennis)
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