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Table Tennis is not just about backhands, forehands and serves!! There is an infinite amount of shots and table tennis trick shots that can be implemented.


Regardless of your playing level you can achieve and do lots of table tennis trick shots, all you must do is explore and experiment. We often focus on systematic training and forget to experiment and fear coming out of our comfort zones. If we explore beyond our current capabilities we give ourselves the opportunity to progress in ways we never knew possible.

Jan-Ove Waldner:

My TT hero Jan Ove-Waldner (widely regarded as the greatest player of all time) was so innovative and ahead of the game. Coming out with what looked like table tennis tricks, it allowed him to compete with the best, for over 3 decades. Waldner demonstrated shots that people had never seen or thought physically possible, not only in practice but he managed to pull them off at crucial times including the Olympic and World championship finals.

As a player, if you wish to progress you must try things and do not fall into the trap of  “I can’t do that” structure learning will only limit you.

Breaking barriers

As humans we break barriers by doing something out of the norm and by doing so we develop and progress. 
Limitations are in your mind so don’t allow your mind to say its not possible until you have tried it, don’t be scared to be different… 

We are all unique so why mould yourself like everyone else?