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photo courtesy of Steve Rowe

Table Tennis Perseverance

Over time no matter who you are, you will face tough times and you will make mistakes and that’s when table tennis perseverance is required. 

I have no shame in owning up to my miss fortunes but unlike most, every-time I face a stumbling block. I force myself to find a way around it or through it and continuously look to move forward.
Table Tennis World Champion Wang Hao and Wang Liqin
Table Tennis Beginnings

After watching ‘Forrest Gump’ I found a small local table tennis club believing I can beat anyone and become World Champion like ‘Forrest’. I challenged everyone and the few that accept my challenge wiped the floor with me. I left the club with my tail in between my legs but told each and everyone, I will be back next week. I came the following week and received the same treatment! But each loss drove my desire even further and I kept coming back. After a month or so I had my first win and shortly after I started beating most players at the club. In a year I was no.1 at the club and started to look for a bigger and better club. Luckily for me, England’s leading club was only a few miles away (London Progress TTC). I kept my mentality (perseverance) and today I am proud to have achieved a high level in the sport. I believe I achieved so much success in a short-lived playing career due to one-factor, perseverance.  

Table Tennis Perseverance

If you truly want to be a good table tennis player, I believe you need to have table tennis perseverance as a major quality. Remember if you get hit get up and move forward because no matter where or who you are you will face tough times.


It’s not easy being world class

The picture shows two former world champions and two former students of mine. Both students hardly play anymore due to many factors and reasons but ultimately due to lack of perseverance. Unlike both Wang Hao and Wang Liqin who endured blows and hits that most won’t bare or handle.

Never give up, keep fighting and if you cant win, do not stop just change direction and find a way to win elsewhere!