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Table Tennis Mistakes

It doesn’t matter your level, we all make mistakes in table tennis, in fact, we all make mistakes in life.

The Best Way to Learn

I am constantly looking for ways in which I can grow and develop both myself and those I coach. I’m yet to find a better learning path that is done via mistakes, my whole life has been full of big mistakes. It starts from my parents, them being together was a mistake, my dad and mother constantly making ‘life’ mistakes. I made one right choice in my life which enabled me to grow and learn from all my mistakes (table tennis was that 1 correct life choice). I believe table tennis is the no.1 sport for making mistakes and unforced errors. Every few seconds we make a mistake or error, by missing or misreading an element of the game. This is where we have three choices;

1) quit

2) keep making the same mistake and accepting a limitation or

3) learning from our mistakes.

table tennis disappointments
Table Tennis Disappointments

You are in charge

The amazing thing about this life is the ability to make choices and decisions that can change everything. I made a few mistakes last week, one of trying to help the table tennis community but by expressing my disappointments (directed at the association) I didn’t realise this could be seen and felt by those I was trying to help. So, I took ownership and admitted my mistake and apologised. It’s easy to stand on a high horse and say that’s what I think and I am right! But if you’re true to yourself, you will learn from your mistakes. Table Tennis has enabled me to see mistakes and find ways of growing from them rather than allowing those mistakes to override my desires.

Table Tennis mistakes

We often look for solutions but sometimes making mistakes allows us to find a solution that has long term effects. A quick fix is nice but rarely is it a lasting solution! It’s ok to make mistakes and if you’re willing to go through the uncomfortable process you’ll find greater gains in the long run.

embrace the mistake because it can take you towards your ultimate goal