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Table Tennis is Becoming Popular But Lack of Facilities Hold the Sport Back

A sport which enables anyone and everyone to participate and compete. No other sport is as accessible and enables people to play and compete regardless of age and ability.

Table tennis is becoming popular at virtually every nation, so why does it seem like an underground sport?

Cheap Sport

There’s a stigma that it’s a cheap sport and people wont and don’t like paying good money for table hire, coaching and training. Other similar sports such as golf and tennis have systems where you must invest thousands to play and develop your game. Being a club member is often hundreds of pounds and coaching starts at £40ph all the way up to £150ph.

Why is table Tennis treated as a cheap sport?

You can buy a table and play at home
Most leisure centres will have a table where you can hire a table
It can be played in an office, park or home


Other sports such as Football, Tennis, Ruby, Golf etc. Have full-time centres and facilities scattered across the country. This automatically up-scales any sport and enables them to market themselves as a brand and showcase the sport in a projected light.
Table Tennis has possibly 20 full-time centres/club facilities scattered across the whole of England! Where for example a golf club (which required huge land in comparison not to mention upkeep costs) can be seen all over the nation, some within walking distance of each other.

Other sports:

Sports such as; football, tennis, golf, rugby, cricket all have full-time facilities (uncountable amount) across the nation. This allows each club or facility to market themselves to the local and possible national and international market. Furthermore, it creates competition which drives each club to better themselves and grow.

Table tennis is dependent on individuals to drive the sport forward. We need facilities and inside those facilities, there will be driving forces to upscale and provide for the local community. It’s a culture that must be built and it’s required to enable our sport to truly flourish.

My aim is to personally gather a team and build a showcase centre, one that all can aspire to. And to provide the format across the nation so table tennis can be great not just popular.

Ultimate aim:Table Tennis Shopping centre

Provide for all, cater for all, make table tennis mainstream and keep our best players on home soil.

Written by Eli Baraty

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