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1-2-1 Private Table Tennis Coaching with Eli Baraty


IMAGINE A TABLE TENNIS SESSION BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED JUST FOR YOUAvailability, Location & Times:  Monday- Saturday 9am-11pm
Borehamwood TTC         (Hertfordshire)
Luton TTC                        (Bedfordshire)
Corby Smash TTC          (Northamptonshire)
Harefield Academy        (Middlesex)
Windsor                          (Buckinghamshire)
Redbridge                      (Essex)
I can also come to you, your club or a nearby location at your convenience Why me?
When I first began playing table tennis I wanted to have the best coach, so I could learn how to execute shots like a professional and beat my friends and fellow competitors. I researched top players and clubs and tracked down their coaches.

Through my experience, I give my best to my students because I Care!
I knew that if I had a coach that cared and wanted the best for their players and club they would give me the same service. After many years of playing and honing in my skills via many top coaches and clubs, I decided I wanted to provide my skills and knowledge to those that want the best but they must possess passion and will to work hard towards their goals.  

What I provide:
Today my past experiences of working with some of the world’s leading coaches and players it enables me to coach players of all levels. I provide a tailor-made learning experience through my creativity, you will experience a unique coaching style & play. I give you an incredible insight into how the best in the world train. I develop your specific needs into a game which enables you to increase your overall performance, I call it the Magic Touch! 
Book your private Table Tennis Coaching session, 1-2-1 or small groups (max 6 players)
One-off session Starting at £50 per hour

Contact me directly to book your session: or 07900401144

All services are Money Back Guaranteed – I want you to be happy with my services, if for any reason, you are disappointed, I will give you a full refund.

  • 5 hours Table Tennis coaching package, Start at £225. (£45per hour)

What you get:
– Service and return, expert coaching
– How to feel the ball and instantly improve your knock up
– Tailor-made technical analysis of your game

  • 10 hours Table Tennis coaching package for 1 or 2 people only £400 (£40per hour)

What you get:
– Service and return,
– How to feel the ball and instantly improve your knock training
– Tailor-made technical analysis of your game
– Improve your specific table tennis game
– 2x match video analysis (I will analyse two recorded matches of you playing)
– Training session recordings (using your personal equipment to record your session)
– Summary report and observations written by Eli Baraty

Contact me to book your session: or 0790401144



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