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Long Backhand & Forehand Push (Video Tutorial)

eBaTT – Table Tennis Tutorial – P1 April 2019

How to execute a good/high-quality Long backhand and forehand Push

The Long Push

A relatively simple stroke to execute but hard to deliver at a high level consistently. The aim is to get the stroke technically correct and impart plenty of backspin or float disguised as backspin. If executed correctly the shot can elevate pressure on your opponent. It is possible to push any short ball but of course easier to control a backspin shot. If executed correctly this stroke can put your opponent under pressure; cause them to miss or deliver a slow/weak ball which allows you to take command over the rally.

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Video Tutorial

The Aim:

1. Produce backspin and float with a similar-looking stroke,

2. Develop the correct technique (hacking motion)

3. Point of contact on the bat low to mid bat, for heavy spin and top end, high up the rubber for less spin and a change of angle may be required for spin change and control over different spins created by your opponent.

4. Timing point, when to connect with the ball in flight (in or around the peak of bounce)

To execute a high-quality long push it’s important to use good equipment that allows you to develop your strokes, here are some recommendations which you can purchase from Amazon NOW.

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How it’s done:

1. The grip tightens just before the point of contact this increases control.

2. Contact point, the aim is to hit the ball near the bottom or middle section of your rubber for heavy spin and top end for less spin.

3. The technique, hacking motions, and a follow-through stroke

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Thank you to Bernie for creating and filming the video’s

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