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Lin Yun-Ju, poised and focused, initiates a powerful serve in a high-stakes match. With precision in his stance and determination in his eyes, he embodies the spirit of competitive table tennis, even as his opponent, Jorgic, awaits beyond the frame. The intensity of the moment is captured as Lin prepares to unleash a serve that blends skill, strategy, and anticipation.

Lin Yun-Ju – Can win the Olympics! #4

Everyone took notice of Lin, when he started to beat the Chinese a couple of years ago! He was aged 17 back then and was given the nickname Silent Assassin! As his nickname suggests he goes about his business in silence and it’s hard to truly know what is going on in his mind and professional life.
Yet his results are clear for all to see; ranked top ten in the world, beaten Ma Long, FZD and won the diamond T2 event and is still only 19 years old. He is certainly Taiwan’s great hope of a medal and this pressure can effect even those (seemingly) the unfazed!


  • Highest world ranking no.6
  • T2 & Cze Open winner
  • Best Wins – Fan Zhendong & Ma Long

Can Lin really win?

Well he comes into the games in unknown form but is definitely feared by the Chinese. I believe Lin has the capability to cause massive upsets and possibly the second most feared player outside of China! Unfortunately, he lacks real pedigree at big and long tournaments. This is due to age, exposure and physical endurance which is may be his biggest weakness?!
I have put Lin at 4th spot for my pick of potential gold medalist because he is capable of beating the biggest and best. But does he have the fire power to sustain a lit flame for the entire event? In my opinion NO, he does not!

Why is Lin unlikely to win?

He does not seem to have the physical attributes to last in a long and strenuous situation event such as the Olympics.

I became very interested in Lin after watching him live at the Olympic team qualification in Portugal. He made the game seem so easy and walked through world class players (as if they were beginners).

Silently, people are routing for him to beat the Chinese, for me I just want to see him do well 🙌🏓

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