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If Bacardi Made a Table Tennis Club

Wow, wow, wow!!! If Bacardi made a table tennis club, it would be Borussia Dusseldorf. I went to Borussia Düsseldorf 14 days ago and it was my first time. Debatable, Europe’s best and most successful club. My personal vision of a Table Tennis club/centre was very nearly in front of my eyes when I entered this club.

Borussia Dusseldorf Match Day
Borussia Dusseldrof



Imagine two basketball courts, now double it and now you have 1 playing hall. Each hall holds around 30 tables with ample space. And there are three hall’s all similar size and state of the art condition wise.

Playing Hall: Borussia Dusseldorf has one playing hall for table tennis training only and this was used by the professional players. A new hall was recently built female players only and the main hall had retractable seating accommodating up to 1200 seated spectators. There was a dining area, a gym, accommodation and even a proper hotel on-sight, catering for everyone’s needs.

Match Day: I witnessed a smaller Bundesliga match but it still drew in 1000 spectators in support of their home team.

Investment: I had witnessed what a 10 million Euro full-time table tennis centre looks like and yet, I believe there is plenty of room to improve upon.

England’s Table Tennis Centres:

Currently, we have some full-time table tennis clubs and centres but on a very small scale. Personally, envision this kind of structure built in England within the next 5 years and I will continue to thrive towards my dream. I do believe England will have many centres scattered around the country catering to all players alongside a professional league.

Table Tennis deserves so much more, but we need the people inside the sport to stand up and fight for what they should and want to have.

Written by Eli Baraty
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  1. Colin Wilson

    Excellent Eli. We share the same dream! So it would be good to understand who owns the club, who does it serve, who paid for it initially, and where does the income come from to pay all the costs? Any of this info is great. Col.

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