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Hugo Calderano – Can win the Olympics! #5

I’ve watched Hugo, ever since I witnessed him beating Timo Boll about 6 years ago I believe, in the Bundesliga. His unique style, big backhand and a never ending multi-skills ability, is nothing but mind boggling!
His work ethic is a thing of beauty, and it’s clear to see the urgency in upscaling his game and level. If talent was in a bottle Hugo certainly drinks out of it each day. And that may be his down fall!


  • Former World no.6
  • Pan American Champion
  • Latin American champion
  • Best Win – Fan Zhendong
  • He has, beaten most players on the planet and has shown that on his day, he is capable of beating the world no.1!

Can Hugo really win?

Well he comes into the games with some form and has been laying a little under the radar (in preparation). I believe Hugo has the capability to cause massive upset and is a player no one wants to face on route. Yet, I think he’s more of a player who lights up in stints and does not have the pedigree to truly threaten for a golden position. I have put Hugo in 5th spot for my pick of gold because he is slightly unorthodox and often this causes the Chinese more worry than someone like Dima. This is one of Jan-Ove Waldners secrets (back when he took out the Chinese)!

Why is Hugo unlikely to win?

  1. In my opinion unlike Dima, Hugo is supremely gifted and that enables him to be super creative and unique. Yes it feels like his balance between solid foundations and creativity is unbalanced and he can go off on a tangent…
  2. He is yet to beat Ma Long but again different to Dima, I don’t think this plays on his mind. Because he has not faced him many times and he is still relatively young and has a free flowing fearless kind of game and mindset.
  3. I think Hugo is a medal contender but the odds are uniquely high for Gold if and that’s a big (if) he gets into the final. Because his energy and power only grows when things go well. Meaning if he finds good form and gets through to the semi finals then anything is possible for him from there!

I am a big fan of Hugo and the whole of Latin America will be backing him. The question is can he be consistent enough to reach the latter stages where he truly does have a possibility in creating history? 🙌🏓

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