How to Make High-Risk Table Tennis Shots Into Low Risk

We are often told, that was a high-risk table tennis shot, or we tell ourselves that was a poor shot selection. After one or two high-risk shots our game instantly changes into:

  • Reduction of power
  • More spin less power
  • Directing the ball towards the centre of the table for more safety

Well, I agree with all of the above but…

I also believe we should train at high risk more often.

  1. The more you practice hitting the white line and exposing the ball into the wide angles the safer that particular shot will become
  2. The more you practice and expose yourself against fastballs with positive blocks and counters the more accustomed you will become to it and develop a positive but secure defensive game.
  3. If you implement an increase of harder and faster hitting the balls in your training session with the correct adjustments the risk percentage will decrease in your favour. You will learn how to time the ball correctly and this is exactly what the best in the world do. When you watch them hitting such wonderful shots which seem virtually impossible, you will soon understand that training at high risk becomes a low risk in due course, if done correctly.
Filip Szymanski Hertitage Oil Table Tennis Tournament
Filip Szymanski Heritage Oil Table Tennis Tournament

So, go and hit some high-risk shots and develop it into low risk. To witness this in action I have developed a video that illustrates a high-risk table tennis shot, click here to see it.

Written by Eli Baraty
eBaTT (Eli Baraty Academy of Table Tennis)
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  1. marcus

    a far cry from what you see in practise everywhere : the Kids are at ease playing at 70 % and do not challenge themselves to explore the borders of their capabilities let alone challenge themselves for sustaining high Levels of concentration for Extended periods .Instead the coaches always Focus on letting the Kids Play it pseudo competitions .similar to a a match as they experience at the Weekend.::a wonderful approach y Kid has inherited -starting with development of serves really aimed at the edge of the table adding more and more spin and awkward Placement …

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