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Holiday Table Tennis Competition, at the Hotel

Many who go on holiday play the hotel table tennis competition. I wanted to be the acceptation and avoid table tennis on my family vacation.

True story

The first three days, I managed to keep my mind 100% clear of table tennis, even when I saw the tables. I was able to avoid the temptation and continued enjoying the pool, beach and other activities.

Day four: 
Hotel Table Tennis
Table Tennis on Holiday

My mind began to think about table tennis but I was adamant I would not play. This shows the power of our mind and what many say works “the law of attraction”. I sat at the poolside (bear in mind this hotel hosted around a thousand people, with 7 swimming pools) and boom a hotel entertainer comes up to me -and says “table tennis tournament”. I said, “no thanks” she replied come on you’ll love it, it’s great fun” (hmmm, really? I do it for a living, I thought to myself). I replied, how many have entered? She said none currently!
I said, “if you get 5 people I’ll play”.
Off she went and 10min later she returned by saying I have 9, come and play.


Playing with dead bats outside in superheat, reminded me of my routes. As a teenager, I would often visit my family in Israel in the summer and search for anywhere to play. Often I was taken to some neighbour who had an outside table and thought they’re the bee’s knees lol.


Winning gracefully is hard especially when the other players say to you “back when I was good” I would have beaten you lol. And you must smile and say yes, I’m sure I got lucky today!
Winning the event enabled me to provide a bottle of champagne to my wife and I was let off the hook.

Day 5

I’m chilling watching my kids play in the pool and a different hotel entertainer approaches me. We have a table tennis tournaments come and play. I thought no, not again is it written on my forehead that I play table tennis? I refused but somehow convinced otherwise. I played but this time some of the players knew me from the other day. They were happy to submit to my ability and congratulated me when I won once again.

Table tennis on TV

Table tennis was back in my mind and I started researching some TT results. That night I was flicking through the channels when everyone was asleep and boom Table Tennis was on TV. I loved it but it kept me up until 4:30 am. The same event was repeated in the morning (8 am)! It would have been nice to have a TV schedule.

The lessons learnt:

If you think about it, it will find a way of finding you or you find it. Enjoy, love and spend your time on things that have a purposeful meaning for you and those you love.

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Written by Eli Baraty

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