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Picture courtesy of Steve Rowe

Dima Ovtcharov – Can win the Olympics! #6

I’ve watched Dima, grow over the past 15 years and become a world class athlete!
Hiss work ethic is possibly the highest in European TT, and his achievements can mostly be credited to relentlessness.


  • Former World no.1
  • European champion
  • Olympic Bronze
  • World Cup winner
  • Has beaten every player on the circuit accept for Ma Long!

Can Dima really win?                                                                                       

Well he comes into the games in very good shape and form but in my opinion he is my least favourite to come out with the gold medal out of my six picks! (Blogs coming out each day).

Why is Dima unlikely to win?

  1. In my opinion his work ethic is down to his limitations in natural ability. This means he must work very hard to develop certain elements in his game and struggles to adapt (quickly)!
  2. He is yet to beat Ma Long and that must play on your mind never beating a player in over a decade. I think Dima is a strong candidate for a medal (bronze) but that’s about as far as I see him going.
    Nonetheless, I and Europe are routine for Dima 🙌🏓

I’ll be sharing a blog or two a day on, 6 men that I think can win the Olympics table tennis singles event.

Please share your thoughts and comments.