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China’s Table Tennis Coach

China’s table tennis coach is considered to be the best coach in the world. This is subjective but currently from an outside perspective, when you coach the best players in the world that’s the perception.

Respect your coach:

Back in the late 90’s, I idolised top players but I had an even greater respect for their coaches. I’ll never forget hunting down Jean-Philip Gatian’s coach. Gatien was a World Champion (1993) and as a fellow lefty, I felt if I’m ever to become a World Champion myself. I need to learn from someone who’s taught a fellow lefty how to become a Champion!


Table Tennis Coach in your corner
Table Tennis Coach

Today as a coach myself, I realise what a huge role a coach has towards creating success for his/her players. And this has been highlighted even more so, recently. The Chinese supremacy seems to have declined drastically over the past few months. Former head Coach Liu Guoliang was pushed into a new role inside the Chinese’s Table Tennis Association. Liu had an aura and presence about him which kept players in check and coaches working together in harmony. I believe when someone is able to unite those around them, its a gift and one that must be respected.

Head Coach

Being a head coach requires so many skills to ensure success in his/her camp. But unfortunately many don’t realise or know the qualities required to be a top coach. And how a top coach is able to bring the best out of his/her players.

China’s Table Tennis Coach

It’s clear to see Liu’s past presence has had a big impact on China’s national team. The players seem lost and unsure where or what they are meant to do. The vision seems blurred and even the coaches are seemingly lost and angered causing an overall decline in China’s TT army.

What will China do and will they regroup? before the next major event such as the world table tennis event?

So… my message is to always respect your TT coach, regardless of whether they are China’s table tennis coach or yours. If they have given you, your club, or nation success, they must be respected for their work and achievements.

Liu in action click here – notice the respect

Written by Eli Baraty
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