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Are You Ready for Table Tennis Success?

Are you ready for table tennis success? Something many don’t fully understand.
Forrest Gump
22 years ago, I saw a man on-screen hitting a ball up against a folded Table Tennis Table and become World Champion in what seemed to be a few months! Unfortunately, and fortunately, that scene made me think that I could also become a World Champion one day! I was a natural sportsman and I felt with hard work I’ll achieve the same goal with relative ease.
Today’s youth have the same issue I had back then but it’s on a much bigger scale, everything must be or is INSTANT!
Local League
Older and wiser, its clear to me how ignorant I was and what a tough sport, Table Tennis truly is I ponder across many playing memory’s but the initial stumbling blocks always stick in your mind. For instance, back in 1998 after being playing table tennis for around 2 years and climbing up the junior ranking list very fast, I believed myself to be a skilled player.
Losing to unexpected opposition

One week at a local league match I lost to a man in his mid-60’s who only pushed and chopped both sides. The same week I lost to a man over 20 stone in weight who just downed a few beers prior to our match. Admittedly, unbeknown to me John Taylor was Barnet league’s leading player for many years and top 40 men at the time. The man enjoying his beer while destroying me was former England senior no.2 Graham Sandly, a gentleman who lost to Desmond Douglas deuce in the third twice! (back then up to 21 points) at the Senior Singles National Championships.

Don’t Judge or let others misdirect you, be in control of yourself!

Their record and ability were unimportant to me, due to their physical appearance and I was truly devastated as an aspiring World Champ. I remember being awake in the middle of the night (unable to sleep) replaying both matches. I was thinking of, losing to an old man who only pushes and a man who can’t move “what’s the point?” I felt demoralised and defeated and on the brink of throwing in the towel. Fortunately for me the love for the sport kept me playing and I went on to beat John the following season. Graham does not play anymore, so I was unable to get revenge.

Cippenham Men's Single Winner


Personal Development

my development enabled me to represent England as a player at Safir’s (Sweden). My skills continued to grow to a point where I was able to beat and train with some world-class players. I did not manage to become World Champ because I ultimately quit playing competitively at a young age (that’s another story). I changed my pathway from player to coach but the dream is not over! I still believe I’ll win a world championship title one day, whether it be as a coach or possibly as a player aged 60 years old plus 🙂


I look back and think the key was pushing beyond that horrible feeling. This enabled me to achieve as a player and today as a coach. I have developed such grit that hearing negative comments such as; “I can’t make a living from being a coach”, “I’m a rubbish coach”, “I steal players”, “I’ll never be a good coach”, “get a proper job” just makes me stronger. Furthermore, it makes me better and inspires me further towards my quest of becoming a world-leading coach.

Never Give Up

There have been many occasions when I felt like, maybe it’s time to get a “normal job”! But something deep down pushed me further, especially when tough times hit. I looked at how I could better myself?!  and kept driving forward and I realised without the tough times I would not have the knowledge or success. I honestly believe that my journey has just begun even though I have been coaching for 18 years. My ambitions of changing the face of table tennis for the better continues to grow. I will achieve my dreams because I refuse to quit. Each time I fall or get hit it makes me smarter, stronger and pushes me forward ten folds.

I’ve come to a realisation;
  1. We may have a vision but if we are not willing to face the tough times, we will never achieve great heights.
  2. Losing and going through difficult times is the best thing you could ever ask for. At those moments and times, you truly reflect and this enables you to grow as a person and player.
  3. Greatness is achieved in time, if you want something special to be instant it will never happen. You will surely never achieve anything special with that kind of mindset.
Its a long journey, so put your seat belt on and get ready for some bumpy rides:

I coach some very rich and influential people, some that can buy and have almost anything on earth.
The reason they love Table Tennis is that they know it’s impossible to be a good player instantly. They want to grind and work towards success. There’s no better feeling than working towards a big goal and achieving it.

You are in control:

If you have a mindset of I’m willing to; work, learn, and face the tough times plus get through them, then you’re ready for Table Tennis Success.

Written by Eli Baraty
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