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Table Tennis Coaching

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Table Tennis Coach

As a freelance coach, I’m lucky to work with players of all ages and levels. I believe having a coach is like having a map. Most of us walk around blindfolded and rarely do we find our destination without a guide. Therefore I thought of providing 5 reasons why you should have a table tennis coach.

1. Why do we play? 

Most play for joy and love alongside competition whether it be general or personal. A coach can give you advice on how to get the most out of your game so that you can compete.

2. Training: 

Many who play, do just that, they play! They don’t know how to train and what kind of exercises and routines are required to develop their game at an accelerated rate

A Good Table Tennis Coach
Table Tennis Coaching

3. Support: 

parents family and friends love you but they don’t know how to make you better. A good coach will build a rapport with you which will enable him/her to support you when results are not going your way. More often than not they have experienced your journey and can share those past times in hope of you understanding that’s it’s ok and together you’ll find a way.

4. Building together: 

A good coach will slowly see and understand your table tennis pathway. The secret is always aiming higher than what’s thought possible. But at the same time develop a strategic plan for your development. This plan must have the aims, goals, pathway and alternative plans. For example, if a player has outgrown the facilities or coaching ability. That player must look to expand their potential by finding a suitable club and coach elsewhere.

5. A coach is like a map, 

they can show you the way, they can help you find your destination and they can guide you towards your destiny. A coach can help you build the tools required for greatness but you are ultimately the driver and the only person who can reach your chosen destination.

Find the best map (coach) the better the map the faster you’ll get to your destination…

Written by Eli Baraty

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