3 tips to make you more successful as a table tennis player.

Table tennis success
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Achievement is subjective but  I am going to provide you with three key elements for table tennis success, regardless of your level.

 Often players think just playing table tennis is enough to become more successful in table tennis. Unfortunately, table tennis is a super complex sport which requires many elements to achieve greatness. Today table tennis requires you to be a player and an athlete and if you’re are one but not the other you’ll never compete with the elite.

3x requirements to become a successful player

1. Perseverance/Grit: If you don’t possess these key attributes you will never be a true winner! The reason most people on this planet walk is because they fell over many times and eventually they learnt to balance and coordinate themselves. The end result led to them to what seems normal to most, walking and then running. If we fell, when we where babies and stopped getting back up, we would never walk. This principle applies to your (table tennis) game. If you are willing to fail and learn from your failures/mistakes (Grit characteristics) you will reap the rewards in good time.
2. Forget Goal setting: when setting big goals, we often set ourselves up for constant failure up until we have reached the goal. You can aim for the sky but plan small achievable targets. And give yourself specific targets to self-develop, rather than a long-term goal which is extremely hard to achieve. This will shift your mindset from constant failure to constant self-fulfilment and the journey itself will become a lot greater. Who knows the ultimate dream may also be achieved with small incremental targets in place.
How to implement? have a goal for each training session not for next month, next year or ten years. The key principle is enjoying the moment not what may or may not happen in the future. But don’t forget to keep in the back of your mind that ultimate goal/dream, we must aim high to reach the top. 

3. Joy & love: We all forget why we play and set our focus on competition, goals and keeping others happy. When you decide to play a sport, in this case, (table tennis) it should be because you either enjoy or love playing. Joy will come and go and you will need to know whether the fun/love has gone or been misplaced. Try to make a change; coach, club, location, or different training methods and this will quickly provide you with the answer as to whether you still have joy playing. You will also know whether you still love playing or that inner joy has gone or not. 
Focusing on keeping things simple but specific and everything else will fall into place.
Written by
Eli Baraty 

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    yes,yes ,yes .I´m so happy to have witnessed how this very Approach has turned around my daughters careerexactly as promised by the man himself.At first the simplistic Approach seemed to be totally out of scope to help fill the monstrous gaps in the Expertise of my Kid but was spoton what was needed and 6 mths on Caro is n track to be taken seriously in her desire of living her dream ..The joy and Passion has grown to new heights and she is completely immune to everything and everyone who is trying to spoil her dream..

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