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Zak abel and Eli Baraty
"Eli is the best table tennis coach in England without a doubt. He coached me from a beginner level all the way up to no.1 in England for my age group. Also, it goes without saying that he’s a man of integrity."

eBaTT Testimonials

Ding Yi Table Tennis

Eli Baraty is A Fantastic Table Tennis Coach! 

” I have known Eli for over 14 years now and over the years I have visited his coaching locations which include Barnet Table Tennis Centre and The Harefield Academy. I first met Eli at an England Youth Training Camp where we both coached the England youth squad together. Eli is friendly, enthusiastic and extremely trustworthy. Not only is he a fantastic coach but he is also wonderfully prepared and organised. Eli is focused and is happy to work alone or with others such as me. He likes to debate but is always willing to listen to others whilst positively putting his points across. It has been a pleasure working with Eli and I would recommend him as a high performance and innovative coach.”

Ding Yi – 4x Olympian and former world no.7


Israel Awolaja

Israel Awolaja

"In My Opinion, Eli Is The Best Coach In England. Eli is an inspirational figure that pushes you to your fullest and helps you to do your best. Always gives amazing words of wisdom and as well as being a top professional coach you can also have a laugh and a good talk with him. in my opinion he’s the best coach in England. he’s got the Izzy recommendation."

Mel Lakhani - Table Tennis Parent

" Eli recently started coaching my 9-year-old daughter and after just one session, I realised very quickly that this guy is an incredible coach and a complete expert in his field. He was able to identify the areas which my daughter needs to work on in no time at all and has provided me with a detailed plan on exactly what we need to focus on in order to improve her technique. Attention to detail His attention to detail is remarkable, he is super passionate, very friendly and a complete professional. I felt that the coaching he has provided to date has been pitched at just the right level for a nine-year-old who has only been playing for around 6 months and my daughter is really looking forward to future sessions with Eli. In all sports, there are coaches and then there are coaches and this guy is at the very top end of the spectrum, 5-star. Highly recommended 🙂 "

Filip Syzmanski polish table tennis player

Eli Baraty is one of the best table tennis coaches that I have ever met. Believe me when I say he is world class because I have experienced playing in many different countries and played in many top leagues across Europe and the world. In my career, I have met many coaches and I have never met someone who has passion, open-minded and willing to learn constantly to better equip his teaching methods. Eli loves to develop every aspect of your game; technical, physical mental, nutritional and every area possible to enhance your game. He thinks 24 hours a day about how he can improve his players. Sometimes I receive messages, videos and ideas at 2am.

Eli has dedicated his life to table tennis and to becoming the best coach and making you the best you can be (an Example is (Zak Abel).

I am grateful that I have met you and I am able to be coached and work with you but sad that I am unable to have you coaching me every day.”

Filip Symanski – Polish Senior International Table Tennis Player

Eli is one of the most passionate people I know. The commitment and dedication he has to table tennis makes success knock on the door. He is one of the best coaches I Know thanks to his fantastic communication with all people, both players and other coaches. He has a strong knowledge about table tennis and whoever accompanies him daily knows what I am talking about. You are a fantastic friend! Stay like this forever!
David Diniz
David Diniz
Table Tennis Player
You Can Achieve Anything With Eli Baraty! He makes it all possible!!! Eli gives his all and as long as he receives the same in return (your personal dedication towards your dreams), together he will find a way of making your dreams achievable.
Zahna Hall Table Tennis World Ping Pong
Zahna Hall
Former England no.3 Junior
Eli is a charismatic and passionate table tennis coach that has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. Eli’s ability to quickly isolate even the smallest problems with a technique that makes all the difference, and to concisely explain how to make the necessary is extremely impressive. I can personally say that Eli’s coaching has made significant improvements in my game and I would recommend him to anyone.
Sammy Kaye Maccabi GB Table Tennis
Sammy Kaye
Senior British League Player