Master the Art of Table Tennis Serving at eBaTT London Serves Clinic

Unlock Your Potential with Every Serve

Welcome to the eBaTT Centres exclusive Serves Clinic, where we turn the simple serve into your most strategic weapon. Our clinic is designed for table tennis enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners eager to learn the basics to advanced players looking to add spin, speed, and surprise to their serves.

Why Focus on Serves?

The serve is the only shot in table tennis where you have complete control. Mastering it can give you a significant advantage, setting the tone for the rest of the point. At eBaTT Shefford, we believe a great serve is the foundation of a successful game.

What We Offer

  • Expert Coaching: Learn from experienced coaches who bring a wealth of knowledge and a passion for teaching.
  • Personalized Feedback: Our clinic emphasizes individual attention to refine your technique and strategy.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Practice in a venue equipped with the latest table tennis technology and materials.
  • Community Support: Join a community of like-minded players committed to improving and supporting one another.

Clinic Features

  • Technique Mastery: From grip to follow-through, learn the mechanics of various serves.
  • Spin Secrets: Discover how to impart different types of spin, making your serve unpredictable and difficult to return.
  • Service Strategy: Understand the tactical aspects of serving, including placement and variation.
  • Practical Sessions: Apply what you’ve learned in targeted practice sessions with real-time feedback.

Join Us

Whether you’re aiming to dominate local competitions or just enjoy a game with friends, our Serves Clinic will elevate your table tennis experience. With dedicated sessions tailored to all ages and skill levels, there’s never been a better time to focus on your serve.

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Transform your serve into a powerful asset at eBaTT Shefford’s Serves Clinic. Master the serve, master the game.