“My role model” “The best table tennis Coach”
Table Tennis Students: (Zak Zilesnick) aka Zak Abel and (Guy Ben-Aroya) “The Best coach in England and I’m a close second LoL” 
Chris Doran England senior international 

“The highlight of the the night”
Host (Corporate event – Kinder)

“Icing on the cake”
Judah Joseph’s – Bar Mitzvah

“How Can I get your Serve Back”
JLS  – (Boy Band)

“A great coach”
Bill Nighy (actor)

“Amazing coaching methods and philosophy ” 
Heston Blumenthal -(Celebrity and world-leading Chef)

“My Teammate and Best Friend”
Jade Blasse former Saint Lucian table tennis international player

“extremely innovative, amazing coach, amazing person, a role model and a true giver”
Lewy Carby

“Loves his wife & kids then comes table tennis”
Nicholas Li

“The hardest working table tennis coach in the world”
Mel Davidson

Hi Eli, 
Thanks for your kind remarks I also really enjoyed the session, you are extremely professional and explain things really well and to send a report like this is fantastic for me to remember what we went through today and remind me of things to try to eliminate which is just what I want  also the video idea is very very good, I have watched it all back and you improved my strokes in that short time I wish I had heard of you a few years ago, but I am still very keen to improve and play properly and improve my technique I always want to win but even if I lose playing a proper  topspin game, I can accept that. See you on the 15th.
Hi Eli
My team took a beating tonight but I just wanted to compliment you on the lad Nicholas Li, what a lovely player and tonight he showed great sportsmanship often missing in some of the youth of today. 
I was playing George Long another Chinese promising lad and my service had been returned with the ball missing the table when another ball came over from another table, the umpire called let. I challenged the call as I was sure George had played the ball prior to the let being called. 
The umpire stuck to his guns but correctly changed his mind when Nicholas spoke up on my behalf. 
It was very much appreciated and his sportsmanship was commendable. 
I thoroughly enjoyed my match with him and he joined in the fun knowing he had the beating of this old man. 
He is a credit to the sport and you.
Well Done
Mel Davidson

Hi Eli
Thanks for last Sunday, I found it very interesting and helpful.
Last night I had my first league game ‘ post-Eli’, and in my second
match of the evening I won the first game but lost the second, and thinking back 
on Sunday, changed my game.
After I walked off a 3-1 winner, my opponent said, you won because
I couldn’t handle your serves!!! Cheers mate. 
We won 7-2 and I had a maximum. 
Tonight an even stronger test for me, as I am playing up for Lowlands
in division 3 at Eastcote.Ron
I started playing table tennis in a small hall, with three Foldaway butterfly tables. if it wasn’t for that small Thursday night club I wouldn’t be here today! I moved onto England’s leading Table Tennis Club at the time (London Progress) and there are two halls filled with tables. Table tennis clubs are the heart and soul of the sport and without them, our sport will be played in bars, schools, homes and garages. I have witnessed the diminishing club structure over the past 15 years which is why have decided to publicise each club that I visit by providing a small video review

 LUTON TABLE TENNIS CLUB (15 miles north of London)The club was formed by Elroy Edwards former Jamaican table tennis international, opened the club in 2016. The club is growing and going from strength to strength and is open 7 days a week.

Currently, they have 3 tables with the aim of 6-10 tables by mid-2017.
For more detail about the club please click on the link below and see my full video review of the club.
you can also find more info. on facebook@lutontabletennisclub

Borehamwood Table Tennis Club (Inside M25 London)The Club has recently been taken over by Mel Davidson as the new Chairman and Stuart (secretary). The club has been around for money year but a new lease of life has been given to it via Mel and Stuart.

They have started a youth training session every Monday evening, prior to the evening session where the club runs a senior open session and local league matches. Currently, Mel and Stuart run the coaching but have Guy Ben-Aroya giving private sessions in a small room behind the main hall.

The club has a decent size hall, with 6 top quality Tibhar Smash tables. its only open on Monday from 6-11pm. for more details about the club please Google: Borehamwood Table Tennis Club

Press Release by Tony Shapps

“Eli was always involved in a variety of sports but never table tennis up until he saw ‘Forrest Gump”.
“At 14 Eli was at a friend’s house and they were watching a new movie (at the time), called ‘Forrest Gump’. In this film there is a clip where Forrest plays table tennis; this lit a light bulb in Eli’s head and from that moment he becomes obsessed with table tennis, going to every club in and around London, and practising before, during and after school”.“By the age of 17, he’d improved so rapidly that he played in the English Junior Masters (Top 12) and managed to sneak into the top 10. This was a remarkable achievement considering he started playing at such a late stage”.


“Later that year Eli found himself in France, not speaking a word of French, not knowing anyone and with no money, but he was there all for the love of the beautiful sport ‘Table Tennis’. Eli trained alongside some of the best players in the world and with world-renowned coaches 

“Then, at 18, he was offered a coaching job at a prestigious private school and decided to put his playing career on hold, while he worked and went to university but he still managed to play in the German League. By the time he was 24, he’d experienced what real work was and quickly realised (9 to 5) career path was not for him! So Eli opted to pursue a career in table tennis but not as a player but as a coach. Within a few years, Eli developed a name for himself having coached 3 players into the top 10 juniors rankings including the England no.1, and top 6 in Europe for their respective age groups”.

“This was followed by a two-year stint, coaching the England Youth Squad and was then, shortly after, scouted by the Harefield Academy where he is currently based”.

“Within two years Eli Coached The Harefield Academy School into triple British National Team champions. Other achievements include: Girls coming fourth, boys U13 finished 2nd and U19’s becoming London champions. The U16 squad went one step further by being selected to represent England at the World School Championships 2012 and finished in 6th place ahead of leading European countries such as France, Belgium, Sweden etc. and was considered the best English result in over 30 years”.

“At 28 he made the decision to play competitively again and this rekindled the love he had back when he was fourteen years old. This passion for the game saw Eli jump back into the top 20 England men’s ranking and competing in the senior British League with a team he’d built and who are now the current British champions”. 


“Alongside Filip Szymanski (a top 200 in the world player and Polish international) Eli has had the privilege of coaching him over the past 8 years. Another teammate Loic Bobillier (former Vice European Champion), Eli’s partner and co-owner of eBatt the first online auction dedicated to table tennis website”. 

“Never one to stand still, he is currently building his new company, called eBatt Sport, which is again involved in the sport he loves. He made this decision because he wants to give people the opportunity to buy, sell and trade their table tennis equipment. eBaTT gives people the opportunity to buy second-hand equipment try it out and if they like it, then go ahead and buy a new version.