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Jake Henley

Developmental Coach

Jake, is a former English School Team Champion. He was based at Bushey Academy where a full time table tennis programme was in place, run by Greenhouse Sports. Jake played locally and nationally for over 5 years gaining a top 30 England national ranking and then decided to focus on his education. At 22 he after finishing uni, Jake wanted to get back involved in table tennis but this time as a profession. Currently Jake is eBaTT’s developmental coach, working in school and privately 121 coaching. Currently Jake is eBaTT’s developmental coach, working in school and privately 121 coaching. 

Jakes’s story

Jake stopped playing aged 17 (because of Uni plus work) and at 22 picked up the phone and asked me where he could play, (come back into TT).

From our conversation it was clear Jake still had a passion for Table Tennis, so I asked him to come and meet me.

Jake’s future was unclear from the way he spoke and he did not want to work a typical 9-5.

I offered Jake an apprenticeship with me were he shadowed me and eventually lead him into working as a full time Table Tennis Coach.

Jake is a full time table tennis coach working for eBaTT and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

He’s developed and grown so much over the past 5 months (he’s 6”4) so I’m not sure how much more he can grow!! 

The journey:

  • I put Jake on a level 1 course
  • A moped course
  • Child protection course
  • Bought him a moped
  • Got him insured
  • TTE licensed

and here we are today.

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