Hayden Gruby

eBaTT Table Tennis Coach

Hayden is a full time table tennis coach and joined the eBaTT team back in 2019 as an assisting and head coach, running club sessions. Furthermore, Hayden leads coaching sessions in schools and events. Hayden has over 6 years experience as a full time coach and works at numerous clubs such as; BATTS, Bedford CTTC, Hillingdon TTC & eBaTT. He has been involved in the sport from the age of 11 competing in many local and national tournaments. Alongside personal development where he attends training camps nationally and internationally. 

Role Model:

Hayden has enthused countless individuals and provided them with opportunities to self develop and grow their personal table tennis game. He has been involved with setting up table tennis clubs via his passion and enthusiasm for the sport. A strong example of this is when Hayden set up and became the co-founder of Coventry University table tennis club. Within 3 years the club had over 60 members and won an award for best sports club in the region, within 3 years of existing. 


  • High-Quality Multi-ball delivery
  • Good communicator
  • Advanced coaching knowledge and delivery
  • Expert 121 coach
  • Team and party coordinator
  • Small camp and club – Lead coach
  • Expert in serving especially the reverse pendulum 
  • Friendly and easy going

Player/Coach Stats:

  • Name: Hayden Gruby
  • Age: 29
  • Clubs: eBaTT, BATTS, Hillingdon TTC, Bedford CTTC.
  • Playing hand: Right Handed
  • Equipment: Donic off Blade, Donic Acuda S1 Turbo, Donic Acuda S2 
  • Coaching qualifications and achievements: Level 2 coach
  • Goal/Aim/Vision: To provide the youth the opportunities in sport. “The aim is to elevate the sport by giving players professional coaching, support and empowerment to become a greater version of themselves”.

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