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Eli Baraty

Head Table Tennis Coach & Director

It all began with a film called Forrest Gump back in 1996. I had decided there and then, that Table Tennis would play a huge part in my life.

I started the journey at a small table tennis club located in Hendon (north-west London),  the coach an older gentleman called Harold, run a small table tennis club inside a religious community hall. He helped me develop the basic strokes; backhand, forehand and then he introduced me to local league. From the small club that had 4 butterfly tables, I progressed to another club called London Progress, at the time England’s leading table tennis club. At Progress, I quickly developed my game by watching many of England’s best table tennis players and top coaches (in my eyes at the time). I decided to continue growing as a player and I felt more was required to reach the top. My desire was to upscale my game and professional surroundings which lead me to a professional table tennis club in France.


Eli Baraty – As a Table Tennis Coach –  Delivering:

  • hard work, 
  • dedication, 
  • commitment and 100% passion at all times

As a player, I soon realised my table tennis dream was far-fetched and so, I came back to England and started coaching. As a coach, I was privileged to be offered the head coaching roles at Barnet Table Tennis Centre, England Youth Coach, Wimbledon College School, The Harefield Table Tennis Academy and today I am a Free Lance coach. This enables me to share my expertise and knowledge with anyone and possibly everyone, such as; Schools, clubs, individuals and table tennis camps all over England and abroad.

What was Harefield Table Tennis Academy?

It was a table tennis programme that runs alongside your education (aged 11-18) based in a state school called (THA). The System allowed students to train before school, during school – PE lessons or any free periods, in a small group or 121 sessions and after school group training sessions.

I expanded the venture by providing a TT coach for the local primary schools in and around Harefield which was used as a feeder and developmental stage prior to joining Harefield. This meant players who chose to join Harefield school would have the basic skills which would be nurtured once they joined Harefield’s table tennis programme from the age of 11 to 18. They could choose to stay at the school for Sixth From which once again a bespoke TT Programme was developed (further detail click here), followed by our link at Brunel University (Local to Harefield). Player’s had the option to either continue playing at Harefield and Brunel while attending University or could follow other personal options which was always supported. Furthermore, my vision was to open a full-time table tennis facility on site (Harefield) and open a purpose-built table tennis centre.  The club-centre would have catered for all levels of play and gather the local community to not only play but also be spectators of our elite players. Lastly, the centre would have hosted national and international competitions plus camps using the onsite boarding facility.

Eli Baraty – Present Coaching Position:

I am a free-lance table tennis coach and mentor, I coach Privately 121, Group coaching, national and international table tennis camps and ultimately I will have my own table tennis centre.

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