Welcome to eGyms: Your Fitness Sanctuary in NW2 London

Discover the eGyms Experience

Nestled in the heart of NW2 (Oxgate Lane), London, eGyms is a sleek, boutique micro gym designed for those who seek a unique fitness journey. Here, we don’t just offer a workout space; we provide an environment that nurtures both mind and body. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just embarking on your wellness journey, eGyms is your go-to destination for a personalized fitness experience.

Our Inspiring Environment

Our intimate gym is meticulously designed to boost your motivation and focus. The elegant mirrored wall reflects your progress, while the sophisticated black curtains add an element of privacy, creating a motivating and inspiring ambiance. This harmonious balance of aesthetics and functionality makes every workout session at eGyms an uplifting experience.

24/7 Access to Fitness

We understand the importance of flexibility in your fitness routine. That’s why eGyms offers 24/7 access, ensuring you can enjoy your workouts at your convenience. Whether it’s a morning energizer, a post-work stress reliever, or a weekend fitness escape, our gym is always ready for you.

Meet Our Expert Team

Guy Benroya: Managing Director and Co-Founder, with a first-class degree in health and fitness.
Eli Baraty: Co-Founder and Level 3 Personal Training Instructor.
Ben Swart: Partner at eGyms, a distinguished PT and owner of FiteastLondon.
Elvedin Čolaković: International fitness PT and visionary behind Calis Fenix.

Personalized Fitness for Everyone

At eGyms, we believe in a tailored approach to fitness. Whether you prefer working out alone or under the guidance of an expert, our team is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your fitness goals. Our diverse range of classes, including Yoga, Movement, Aerobics, and Metafit, caters to all preferences, promoting well-being and a vibrant, high-energy lifestyle.

Membership Options

Standard Membership: Full access to eGyms for only £12 a month.
Dual Membership: Combine your eGyms experience with eBaTT for just £17 per month.
Daily Access: For flexibility, opt for our daily access pass at £5.

Join Us at eGyms

Embark on your fitness journey at eGyms, where we prioritize your goals and adapt to your lifestyle. Experience a transformative approach to fitness in an environment that’s both inspiring and intimate. Visit eGyms today, and take the first step towards a healthier, more energetic you.