Edward Lynn

eBaTT Collaboration Table Tennis Coach

ELTT (Edward Lynn Table Tennis) collaborated with eBaTT back in 2016 and both Edward and Eli have formed a very strong coaching bond. The collaboration allows both coaching teams to unite the  London region with the Birmingham table tennis community. Edward and Eli often run joint table tennis training camps combining coaching skills and players from London, Birmingham and across the UK. Table Tennis coach and self-appointed development lead in Birmingham. Winner of several coaching awards with experience that spans over 31 years.

Role Model:

Edward has enthused countless younger people and provided them with opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have. He has been involved with youth work, teaching and coaching for over 20 years. This has given Edward the experience and vision of changes in attitude and education along with many other journeys; using his know how to shift negative notions form negative happiness and confidence, with his students.


  • High-Quality Multi-ball delivery
  • Good communicator
  • Advanced coaching knowledge and delivery
  • Expert 121 coach
  • Team and party coordinator
  • Small camp and club – Lead coach
  • Friendly and easy going

Player/Coach Stats:

  • Name: Edward Lynn
  • Age: 42
  • Club: ELTT, Nishkam TTC, Colebridge TTC
  • Highest ranking: no. 24
  • Playing hand: Right Handed
  • Equipment: Donic off Blade, mxp red, donic M1 black.
  • Coaching qualifications and achievements: Level 2 coach
  • Best Table Tennis achievement: eating ex England no.1 three times in my last year as a junior.
  • Favourite phrase: Don’t Think, Feel…
  • Goal/Aim/Vision: To produce a World Champion as a Coach
  • website: www.edlyntt.co.uk 
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