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“What is Said, is only a fraction of what is actually done!” Eli Baraty

Introduction to Expert Table Tennis Coaching: Eli Baraty’s Journey

“What is Said, is only a fraction of what is actually done!” Eli Baraty.

Eli Baraty, a high-performance international table tennis coach, was inspired by the film Forrest Gump in 1996. This marked the beginning of his lifelong commitment to table tennis. Starting his journey at a small club in Hendon, north-west London, he was coached by Harold Ismaan, who taught him the fundamentals of the game.

Early Development and Progression

Progressing from a club with just four butterfly tables, Eli moved to London Progress. This was England’s leading table tennis club at the time. Here, he honed his skills by observing top players and coaches. Seeking further growth, Eli ventured to one of Europe’s best tennis de table clubs in France.

Table Tennis Player Ambition

Eli realized his dream of becoming a World Champion might be out of reach. After a year in France, he returned to England, starting his coaching career at King’s College Wimbledon. His journey led him to become the head coach at Barnet Table Tennis Centre and eventually coach the England Youth Squad.

Spreading Table Tennis Knowledge and Experience

With 16 years of coaching experience, Eli chose to become a freelance table tennis coach. This allowed him to share his expertise widely, working with clubs and training camps across England and abroad.

Barnet TTC: Fostering Future Champions

At Barnet TTC, Eli’s ambition was to develop world-class players. Working diligently, he coached many of England’s best cadets and juniors, including notable names like Tin Tin Ho and Zak Zilesnick.

Coaching for Table Tennis England

Eli’s coaching career took a significant turn at 23 when he began coaching the England youth squad at Lilleshall. Here, he worked with future stars like Liam Pitchford and Gavin Evans.

Harefield Academy: A Unique Table Tennis Program

Eli’s role at Harefield Academy was ground-breaking. He developed a program that integrated table tennis training into the students’ education. This program expanded to include local primary schools, laying a foundation for young players.

Sixth Form Table Tennis Academy

The academy provided a specialized table tennis program for Sixth Form students. This included a link with Brunel University, offering students continued playing opportunities while pursuing higher education.

Current Endeavors in Expert Table Tennis Coaching

Today, Eli is a freelance coach and mentor in table tennis. He offers private and group coaching, as well as national and international camps. His ultimate vision is to establish his own full-time table tennis centre.

Videos and Players: Showcasing Coaching Success

Eli has produced and worked with numerous talented players. These include Zak Zilesnick, who showed exceptional talent from a young age, and others like Reece Tan and Connor Neenan.

Table Tennis Exhibitions and Events

Eli and his team are available for various events, including corporate parties, school demonstrations, and table tennis birthday parties. These events showcase the skill and entertainment value of table tennis.

Comprehensive Table Tennis Coaching Approach

An expert table tennis coach needs a wide array of skills. These include technical expertise, understanding of the game’s evolution, and the ability to provide high-quality multi-ball sessions. A coach must also be adaptable and empathetic, balancing toughness with understanding.

Player-Coach Relationship in Table Tennis

Aspiring players should look for a coach who embodies these qualities. Once found, it’s crucial for the player to work hard, focus, and listen to their coach’s guidance.

Eli Baraty’s Coaching Philosophy

Eli’s approach to coaching focuses on empowering players and providing them with the best opportunities. His aim is to develop a holistic coaching style that caters to players of all levels.

Vision for the Future of Table Tennis Coaching

Eli’s vision includes creating a comprehensive table tennis centre. This centre would provide a full range of facilities and coaching services, catering to players from hobbyists to professionals. His goal is to establish a structure that nurtures talent and elevates English table tennis.

In conclusion, Eli Baraty’s journey in expert table tennis coaching reflects his dedication and expertise. His comprehensive approach and vision for the future continue to shape the landscape of table tennis coaching.